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Precision Tune Auto Care

PPC Management

Precision Tune Auto Care is a  fast, convenient and affordable solution for car repair and routine maintenance needs. Precision Tune franchise groups banded together to have a single point of contact for their own location ad buys and management including PPC. Snap’s primary role when taking over the PPC marketing implementation was to increase the quality of traffic, increase coupon downloads and increase visits to microsites as well as stores.

The goals for this engagement were to gain more clicks, more coupon downloads and a higher quality of visitor.

Get More Customers


increase in coupon downloads
boost in site visits
increase in conversion rate

Problem // Solution

Snap’s solution to outlined problems was to approach the existing PPC program with a three step strategy of analytic analysis, keyword/ad/landing page organization, and optimization through a/b testing.

Through starting with a site usability study we found that the previous PPC program was under utilizing ad scheduling and not segmenting visitors by device. Through this information we were able to target specific user segments via keyword to ad creative and through to existing optimized landing pages.

Finally, to increase visits and service awareness we were able to expand on service promotion and value based marketing and were able to exceed goals for coupon downloads.


48% increase in coupon downloads
34% increase in visits
33% improvement in bounce rate
Average position of 2.7
Reduced Avg Cost-Per-Click 13%
Increased CTR to 2.5% from 1.4%

As of November 2013, the average overall bounce rate for managed campaigns fell by 33% while click through rates increased to 2.5% on average and site visits increased to 34%, indicating the achievement of increasing quality visits. Engagement for coupon downloads spanned from 30% to a true doubling of download actions.

Across user segments we were able to add and optimize click-to-call opportunities for mobile device users where no such strategy existed in the previous Precision Tune PPC program. An unexpected outcome emerged through, the re-organization of ad groups and keywords. This discovery  pointed out shortfalls of the previous creative messaging in identifying new service segment strategy for microsite locations.