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10 Benefits of Email Marketing

By Snap Agency July 4, 2018

So you’ve been hearing a lot about email marketing, but you’re still not sure if it’s right for you and your business? At Snap, we love helping businesses big and small further their digital reach through integrated email marketing campaigns. From local candle makers to multi-national plastic manufactures, email marketing has many benefits to offer those who invest their time and energy in this typically underutilized resource.

To help you better understand the vital role email marketing can play in your digital strategy, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 benefits of email marketing. This list should help you decide once and for all if you’re ready to take the leap and join the millions of other businesses succeeding in the world of email marketing.

2.6 Billion Potential Customers

There are about 4.3 billion email accounts in the world all held by about 2.6 billion people. The average person has more than one account, and only 18% of people say they don’t check their email daily. That means if you are utilizing email marketing you’re reaching 82% of your audience daily. That’s a whole lot of potential customers!

You Can Reach Target Audiences

Creating specific demographic audiences through email is easy and effective. By crafting emails that are designed to appeal to a certain audience, you can more effectively create a wide base of customers. Snap is experienced and adept at tailoring email marketing campaigns to do exactly that. Whether you’re selling towels or tutus, we have the tools and knowledge to craft compelling copy that’ll hook your read for the very first line.

You Can Easily Send Personalized Messages

It can be difficult to personalize advertisements due to cost or other concerns when using other marketing strategies. With email marketing, you can deploy dozens of different variations of the same email geared toward your multiple buyer personas. And with real-time A/B testing, your deployment platform can fine-tune your approach to ensure that you’re emails are getting the optimal amount of click and interaction.

It’s Cost Effective

As the old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money, but one of the many benefits of email marketing is that you don’t have to spend much. The are few costs associated with email marketing, including those that go into crafting, planning, and deploying your emails. This can take as little or as much effort as you’re willing to make. Of course, investing more into the email marketing campaign is going to yield more benefits, but with email marketing, a little goes a long way! And using an expert, can help to ensure that every one of your advertising dollars is invested wisely.

Stay Relevant

Daily emails are likely to be seen by at least 82% of your audience. And with this many people checking their emails daily, it is easy to stay relevant in their lives. Keep them up to date on what your business has been up to or new offers you may be having. By repeated exposure, you’ll work to build brand loyalty amongst your most valuable consumers with targeted emails.

It’s Reliable

Because email marketing makes it so easy to target specific audiences or send out personalized messages, the overall practice itself can consistently and reliably produce good outcomes for those who invest their time in creating a winning email marketing campaign. Because of how easy email campaigns are to manage, there is little that can get in the way of their success. Once you’ve found your stride when it comes to distribution schedule, content, and targeting strategy, you’ll start to see the results pouring in.

Emails are Easy to Access

Think of how many times a day you give out your email address. A lot right? People are not particularly stingy when it comes to giving out their emails, especially if you’re offering some kind of special offer in an email. While you most likely wouldn’t hand out your phone number, an email account is a safe and secure way of creating a contact touch point with individuals you encounter in your personal and professional life. This willingness for people to provide you with their emails, coupled with how often most consumers check their email, provides a great opportunity for you and your business.

Direct Access to Customers

With email marketing, you don’t have to deal with the middleman of other companies. It’s simply your business relating and communicating directly with your customers. This kind of authentic communication makes your customers feel special and more closely connected with your brand.

Easily Control Your Company’s Brand Voice

Cultivating a brand voice in the minds of your customers is an important marketing strategy. You want them to equate your company with a certain feeling or values. The intimate nature of email marketing allows you to do that easily and control the story your company wants to tell its customers. If you’re not sure how to do that, consider partnering with Snap, our branding team would love to help you refine your business persona.

It Starts a Conversation

Email is the letter writing of today. Its personal nature engages customers in a way that other advertising avenues simply don’t. When customers receive emails that engage them, they feel more personally connected to your business. This creates a conversation with your customer base that they will want to continue.

Email Marketing Campaign Services for Snap

If you’re looking for email marketing campaign ideas or other email marketing best practices we are here to help! At Snap, we’re well versed in crafting tailored email marketing campaigns for businesses. We offer comprehensive email marketing campaign services that take the marketing burden off of you and your business so that you can focus on your other priorities. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help to turn your email marketing campaign around.