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2019 Web Design Trends

By Snap Agency October 31, 2018

Web design trends change greatly from year to year, constantly raising the digital design bar. In the past, our websites were filled with gradients, shadows, and flat pages requiring lots of navigation. Today, we see dynamic and interactive features that adapt to the needs or preferences of each individual user.

If your website isn’t up to par in comparison to the constantly advancing technological world, your ROI will suffer. If you want your website to run at peak performance, then you must regularly reevaluate its design features. Examine the sites of your main competitors, take notes from the leaders in your industry, and always be watching for the latest web design trends.

Speaking of trends, check out the following design shifts we’ll be watching going into 2019.

Color Blocking

Although the early 2010’s were marked by tons of warm neutrals and cool greys and blues, and those tones are still popping up on walls in every trendy home (thanks Joanna Gaines), we predict that color blocking will be taking over the interweb in 2019. We’ve seen many websites beginning to use color blocking on their home, content, or image-heavy pages to add an element of freshness and variation to otherwise flat, heavy pages.

You may wonder if color really matters in your web design strategy? Many factors contribute to your site’s ranking hierarchy, and surprising, color scheme is a major player. From helping to visually structure your website, draw attention to content or pages that matter most, to maintaining brand consistency, and more, color schemes and blocking will keep growing bolder in 2019 web design trends. Check out these examples of websites that use color to its highest potential, and begin brainstorming how you implement it better going into 2019.

Bold Typography

Pagestead predicts that as websites are forced to become increasingly creative to get traffic, typography and fonts will soon be used as tools to set your content apart. In 2019, web design trends will see an increase with even more experimentation surrounding design elements like large, expressive fonts, and even with companies working to strengthen their brand or voice by creating their own unique typeface. No matter your approach to web design trends, keep in mind that your type and fonts matter: make sure they’re helping you, and not hurting you.

Longer Landing Pages

businessman testing responsive at work with smartphone showing website on screen. All screen graphics are made up.

In the past age, content writers worked to keep all important news information “above the fold”  to keep readers attention. Contrarily, Forbes says that long landing pages can actually generate up to 220 percent more leads than other CTA’s.

We aren’t saying you should rush to your web design company and demand that every piece of news need its own page. However, campaigns, special sales, and other big company announcements can have their own landing pages and dedicated content. Thanks to Google Analytics, we know that searchers seeking specific information can find it more readily, and closer to the top of their results page when the content’s length is greater than the average blog. Since it is becoming safe to assume that consumers are actually interested in your information, feel free to offer more of it! 

Demographic Responsive Designs

When searchers visit your site, they want the information and experience offered to be customized to their needs (hello instant gratification). Demographic responsive web designs can do just that, and more. By answering simple prompts at the beginning of their session, a user can be shown an entire personalized web experience with ease.

Imagine if you were shopping for a new car. Upon reaching the site of your favorite car dealer you’re asked right away if you’re shopping for a compact car, SUV, or other model options. Once you choose a more specific goal, the entire website will modify your experience to only display information and products relevant to your specific search criteria. While this tactic will take more time and careful planning to implement at first, the enhanced user experience is definitely worth the effort and will work in your favor in the long run.

Is Your Website Up To Date?

Designer working at new mobile applications

Your website is a digital extension of your brand. If you think like us, you want your brand to be up to date and even cutting edge; always ahead of the trend so users can be confident they are making the best choice with you. Like your physical company and brand, you should work to ensure your website does not fall behind the times.

With the help of an experienced web design company, you can ensure that this daunting task will be thoroughly handled, ensuring that your website remains on trend and up-to-date. If you’re not sure if one of 2019’s web design trends is right for your brand, one of our SEO or web design experts will be more than happy to help you navigate the upcoming year’s new digital trends.