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3 Lessons from the Most Successful Tweet in Brand Marketing History

By Snap Agency September 23, 2013

Earlier this month, Apple introduced its new line of colorful phones. Nokia cleverly pointed out the similarity of the iPhone 5s with its own color palette in what has become one of the most retweeted brand tweets in Twitter’s history.

Brand Marketing Tweet

What about this tweet made it so popular? Here are a few takeaways from Nokia’s successful brand marketing tweet.

Be Ready for ‘Moment Marketing’

It’s easy to schedule your social media posts in advance with blog posts, promotions, and company news. But don’t let this deter you from opportunities in moment marketing. Engagement on social channels is a byproduct of relevant, unique content. Social media only allows you a brief window of time to be relevant before a topic is old news. Stay in tune with trending topics on social media to identify marketing opportunities that relate to your brand or audience. When the time comes, don’t hesitate.

Show Some Personality

The success of Nokia’s sassy tweet demonstrates, once again, that having a personality generates a consumer response. Companies are often overly cautious about a potential negative backlash, holding their brand marketing back. People like human interaction. When you humanize your company, people respond. Surely Nokia has had tweets in the past that produced a less-than-favorable reaction, but social media has a short memory.

Be Bold in your Brand Marketing

Nokia took on arguably the most popular brand in the world with their tweet. Don’t be afraid to call out your competition, pick a side, or stir up some controversy. The point is to get people talking. You’re not going to do that by wishing everyone a pleasant weekend. As always, think before you tweet. But don’t think too long.

Applying these social media lessons to your brand marketing will keep your consumers engaged. Now go forth and stop being boring!