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4 Places to Find Quality Blog Topics

By Snap Agency August 15, 2019

If you’re a content writer or have worked closely with one as a content marketer or business owner, you’ve seen the best and worst of writers. Some days, words fly from their fingertips like magic, taking the essence of a brand and turning it into highly-targeted content. Other days, meetings, tricky topics, and writer’s block have those same wordsmiths banging their heads against the wall. Remaining inspired and consistently creating stellar, original work is no easy task, especially if you’ve been creating similar content for some time. 


If you struggle to stay inspired to write (and let’s be real, it happens to the best of us), or if you have trouble building out effective content strategies, this post is for you. 

Why Quality Content Matters

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Maybe you’re reading this wondering why it’s so important to choose a good blog topic. Creating stellar content for your site’s blog opens doors by grabbing the attention of readers, increasing organic traffic and search rankings, sharing offers, products, or services, thanking customers for their continued support, and more. 


On the other hand, tired, recycled blog posts can kill brand momentum just as high-level content fuels it, alienating your target demographic and damaging your overall marketing plan. Every piece you post should be thoughtfully written to have an impact. Knowing this, your brand must be ready and able to produce quality blog content anywhere, anytime in order to stay on top.


This momentum should also carry over to SEO efforts. It’s easy to think that, since SEO focuses on organic clicks based on keywords, you should pack pieces with as many keywords as possible. However, any SEO expert would say that’s a bad idea. A reader might click to your content thanks to a keyword. However, if you don’t actually answer their question or the quality of writing isn’t there, you’ll lose their attention faster than a popsicle melts in the heat of summer. To gain—and keep—an audience’s attention, you need quality writing and relevant topics. 

Get Re-Inspired

Putting in the time and effort to develop meaningful blog topics is essential to the success of any content marketing strategy. It’s also crucial to step back from writing or hunting down topics and find some new inspiration now and then. This could mean taking a lap around the office, stepping out for a latte, enjoying a game of ping-pong or just watching some funny YouTube videos to reset your brain. Whatever form your refreshment takes, approaching original, high-quality blog writing with an inspired mindset is half the battle.

Here’s Where to Look for Blog Inspiration

If you’ve been publishing blog content for a long time, it may feel like everything worth writing about has already been covered by you or another business in your niche. Just like writers need to stay refreshed, content strategies can use a revamp every few months. Do you know where to find fresh inspiration for your content strategy? At Snap, our strategists and copywriters pull blog topics from a variety of resources that could be helpful to your brand, too. Here’s where to look for ideas.

Past Blog Posts

Years worth of blog posts can play to your advantage here. Although recycling content isn’t a great way to handle your content strategy, revamping or rewriting blogs with a current perspective can bring fresh inspiration to your brand. Start by examining which posts have performed well, and either develop new posts based around those topics or revamp existing pieces to make them more comprehensive.

Post Comments

If your company maintains an active online presence and sees high engagement, your audience has already given you a wealth of quality blog topics. If you notice your followers have similar questions about your products or are all interested in a new industry development, use that momentum and create a post addressing those inquiries. Your main priority is to meet your audience’s needs. What better way to do that than by answering frequently asked questions directly through informed, targeted blogs?

Industry News

It’s tempting to focus blogging efforts on your services and your happy customers. But you can take things a step further by penning posts that cover emerging trends and exciting news in your industry. Not only does this help establish your brand as an authority in your niche, but it also helps to solidify your place ahead of the competition. Start by checking out the places you go to in order to stay up to date on industry news. What unique perspective can you offer?

Seasons and Holidays

Here in the U.S., an entire commercial industry has been created around yearly traditions like the changing of the seasons and holidays. Play into the hype by helping your readers learn something useful and pertinent to the season. For us, that would be ways to keep up engagement during the height of summer, how to thank loyal customers around Thanksgiving, and the perfect way to create a corporate holiday card. The relevancy and timing of these posts is a great way to remind consumers that you care about them as people, too, and not just as customers.

Stay Inspired With Snap

Does cultivating high-quality, original blog posts sound overwhelming even with these handy resources? Contact Snap today! Our stellar strategists and talented copywriters are ready to help you create a comprehensive content marketing strategy and generate valuable, engaging content.