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4 Questions Every Website Should Answer

By Snap Agency July 29, 2019

If you’re like most of the team members here at Snap, you have some treasured memories of family road trips. Some may involve road construction and hundred-mile detours, taking a wrong turn while driving in bad weather, or someone’s co-pilot reading the map upside-down. No matter the story, we’ve learned from experience (and way too many extra hours in the minivan) that a good map is vital to the success of any family road trip. 

In the same way, your website acts as a roadmap to your business, helping visitors to your site get where they want to go. If it’s difficult to navigate, poorly designed, or just too bland to look at, odds are your site will lose travelers before they reach their destination and convert. Luckily, we just so happen to know a bit about navigating digital spaces and driving traffic. So buckle your seatbelt, and get ready to take your website to the next level.

The Importance of Good Web Design

If you run a brick-and-mortar business or don’t rely on a strong digital presence for the bulk of your sales, it can be easy to push web design to the backburner. But the ecommerce industry is booming, and online reviews are becoming more important than ever, even for businesses with physical locations. It’s never a bad idea to clean up your online footprint, because you never know who might be searching for you—or how many potential customers you might be missing out on. 

That being said, a poorly designed website is almost as bad as not having one at all! If consumers can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly leave your site, and you’ll lose out on conversions. In order to keep those eyes on your site and funnel traffic to your product pages or a contact form, you’ll need a functional site that takes visitors where they want to go. 

Does Your Site Answer These Questions?

Think your website design is already optimized with the user in mind? Walk through these questions to see if your site truly sets up consumers for smooth conversions by offering easy navigation, clear, helpful content, and a convincing sales funnel.

Who Are You?

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer or visitor to your site. Given no context or preexisting knowledge of your business, would you know without a shadow of a doubt who your company is, based on clear branding and web design? Does your homepage clearly display a business name, logo, or a description of your services? 

Take Snap’s website, for example. From the second you reach our site, you know who we are, where we’re located, and who our team is. In support of this clear brand identity, our website maintains a consistent color scheme and tone throughout and provide links to our social media for easy engagement. If your existing site is less than cohesive or doesn’t offer a clear idea of who your company is, it’s time to make some changes.

What Do You Do?

In addition to telling visitors who you are, your website should highlight your products, offers, or services. While many businesses dedicate specific landing pages to outlining their offerings, it’s vital to have at least some of this information front and center on your homepage. Serving as potential consumers’ first impression of your brand, your homepage should be eye-catching, logically laid out, and informative. 

Snap’s services are clearly displayed on our homepage, telling everyone who finds our site that we’re a digital marketing agency that helps people achieve success online. Can visitors tell what your business offers within five seconds of reaching your website? If not, take it back to the basics, and redesign your page to show off what it is that you do.

Who Do You Do It For?

Your website needs to outline who your company is and what services you offer, but it also needs to cater to your customer demographic. Is your business B2B or B2C focused? Do you target professionals or Gen Z consumers? If your website doesn’t clearly speak to your targeted consumer base or the people you work best with, consider rewriting the content on your pages to appeal to the right people.

Why Should I Choose You?

Arguably the most important question your website should answer is why someone should choose to work with or buy from you instead of your competition. What do you have that they don’t? Highlighting recent work and your unique value proposition, showcasing customer testimonials, and maintaining an active presence online are great ways to prove to potential customers that they should work with you without actually have to say a word. 

Hit the Road to Success With Snap

If your website doesn’t answer those four big questions, it’s time to make some changes. Not sure where to start? Reach out to us! Whether you think a small tweak could make a big difference or you have a full redesign in the works, the team at Snap is eager to help.