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4 Ways to Leverage Customer Testimonials

By Snap Agency September 17, 2019

When was the last time you updated the testimonials on your website or business’ Facebook page? The process of requesting, gathering, posting, and leveraging customer posts and video testimonials can feel awkward to even the most experienced business owners. Due to the constantly changing algorithms of search engines and frequent social media updates, however, testimonials have never been more valuable. 


Understanding the benefits of stellar customer testimonials and knowing how to capture and make use of them can boost just about any business. Is your brand making the most of its testimonials?

The Benefits of Reviews

In the current age of social engagement, customer reviews have become a necessary part of the online purchasing process. Approximately 72 percent of consumers won’t take any purchasing action without consulting reviews. Questions like, “How does this product compare to its competition?” “Does it come ready to use?” “Is it worth the price?” and “How fast will the product arrive if I order it today?” are often asked and answered by reviews. This can save your customer service team valuable time and save you money in the long run. 

In addition to their relevance and convenience, consumer reviews help secure online visibility, boost organic search engine rankings, and contribute to local SEO. As more ecommerce sellers rise up to battle against brick-and-mortar businesses for consumers, reviews will only become more crucial. 

Getting the Customer Testimonials You Want

Poor reviews and negative customer experiences can be extremely harmful to your brand. Other than providing an excellent offer or product, how can you ensure that your brand receives positive reviews?

Ask the Right Questions

Although loyal consumers might love singing your praises, it’s easier to cultivate positive content through targeted, guided questions. Substantial questions like “What positive results have you seen using our product?” or, “Why would you recommend our product to others?” help lead customers to reliable answers.

Prioritize Customer Service

Few things are more frustrating than having a question about a product and waiting days (or worse, weeks) for customer service to respond to your inquiry. Customers expect prompt, informed responses to their questions—especially if your business has a robust digital presence. The better your customer service is, the more eager consumers will be to give back through their reviews.

Remember to Say Thank You

The best (and easiest!) way to encourage the continued support of your customers is to be thankful for it. Consider sending out a personalized email, thank-you note, or a small gift card to your favorite caffeine joint in response to customer reviews. Not only do these efforts tell customers that you value their input, but they also encourage future involvement.

4 Effective Ways to Use Testimonials

Cultivating social proof like positive customer testimonials takes work, but the payoff is worth it. Reviews work to build trust with both new and existing consumers, establish your position as an authority in your field, and share new or additional information about your product. To make the most of your positive social proof, consider utilizing your reviews in the following ways to benefit your brand.

Cultivate a Community

Posting customer testimonials to your website and social media works to connect consumers and create a feeling of community. When consumers can learn about your brand’s product or offer directly from each other, its usefulness and usability are proven without advertisement. Not only does this help your brand voice remain authentic, but it allows customers to build a solid community of support. 

Build a Marketing Funnel Around Reviews

Positive reviews offer a huge opportunity for your brand to use organic content to build word-of-mouth support for your brand. By including these reviews in your marketing strategy, you can use consumer support to help drive new business and further convince existing consumers to become brand advocates. 

Boost Consumer Content

If your brand or business has a Facebook page or product on a popular ecommerce site, odds are you’ve already accumulated a good number of positive reviews. Consider repurposing this content into social media blurbs or re-posting reviews on your website. Not only does this show confidence in your offer or product, but it proves that you value your customers and are proud of their input and insight into your brand.

Use Existing Relationships

Getting brand ambassadors and social influencers to post product reviews to their own websites and social media is a simple, but incredibly powerful, marketing tactic. Not only does this type of testimonial content promote organic clicks, but it increases brand awareness and helps build valuable relationships between you and your customer base.

Make the Most of Every Testimonial

Still not sure how your business can best utilize your glowing customer testimonials? From sharing cutting-edge marketing techniques and helping you better understand your customer base to building up your Google My Business profile, the marketing team at Snap is eager to boost your brand. Contact us today to learn more about leveraging your reviews and ratings.