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5 companies killing it with Vine

By Snap Agency October 3, 2013

Our attention spans our short. So short, I’m impressed that you’re still reading this. Launching only 10 months ago, Twitter owned Vine has exploded on the viral video and social scene with the mobile app that limits looped videos to 6 seconds. Unlike Instagrams video tool, Vine only allows their users to shoot content with a mobile device. These constraints of course increase the level of complexity to produce a quality video but also increase the level of creativity needed to make something that will stick. According to mediabistro.com 5 tweets per second contain a Vine link and a branded Vine is 4 times as likely to be seen as a branded video.

Here are 10 companies using Vine the right way.

1. Nordstroms
The first truly creative Vine I saw on Twitter. Simple, stick and wildly creative.


Touted as the first online science fair, GE encouraged users to create 6 second videos displaying science experiments using the hashtag #6secondscience. If you want to waste a bunch of time, check out the hashtag on twitter.


3. Hardgraft
A European leather goods company, Hardgraft does a great job of using Vine as an extra element to describe their products on their ecommerce website. The use of Vine on this product page is outstanding.


4. Lowes Coming from the position of adding value, Lowes produces useful household maintenance tips and tricks. Being the least handy person I know, my wife finds these Vines very helpful.


5. Target
I have to give a shout out to a local Minneapolis company. Target’s vines are fun, creative and high quality. This one makes me hungry.


Pro tip:
With social signals playing a larger role for seo, now is the time to start producing great 6 second video. Don’t worry too much about the quality but focus on the content. Come from the point of contribution and provide your audience value.