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6 People You Need On Your Marketing Agency Team

By Snap Agency October 1, 2019

Ask any auto mechanic, and he or she will tell you that if even one significant piece of machinery were to be missing from under the hood of your car, it wouldn’t run. Or, if by some miracle it could run, its performance would be significantly affected. Without the proper design, build, and maintenance, your car can’t ever live up to its full potential. Digital marketing strategies work the same way. You could have the best PPC managers in the business, for example, but they probably aren’t the right people to run your social media accounts. 

Only a complete, well-rounded marketing team can drive the growth and ROI your business needs. Luckily, a digital marketing agency is equipped to create and even execute a comprehensive marketing strategy for you. Today, we’re shedding some light on the people you need to get the job done, whether or not you decide to go with an agency.

Develop a Marketing Strategy Before Building Your Team

The marketing world is set to increase hiring rates 10 percent overall by 2026, beating the national average growth rate of 7 percent. Developing a robust, all-encompassing marketing strategy is vital for businesses in just about every industry. By evaluating your current strategy, knowing—and building trust with— your target audience, learning how to reach them effectively, and becoming a thought leader in your industry, you’ll be set up for success when evaluating what type of campaigns you need to run.

Once you have an integrated marketing plan is in place, it’s time to start considering your digital marketing team. With every aspect of digital marketing becoming more saturated by the second, creating valuable, successful marketing materials has never been harder—and not just anyone can do it. In addition to hiring top talent with an eye for emerging trends, it’s vital to have a solid digital marketing team structure in place.

Building a Workable Digital Marketing Team Structure

To create the team you need, knowledge and careful planning are required. Take the time to visualize each role on your digital marketing team. What do their primary responsibilities look like? What challenges would a person in this role face? How important is it that they effectively relate to your target demographic? By developing a deep understanding of the requirements of each position on your digital marketing team, you’ll be better equipped to hire only the best individuals for the job. 

However, without a thorough understanding of the different positions on a successful digital marketing team, and exactly how they interact internally to produce high-quality work, your best efforts will go to waste. You might also find that working with a digital marketing agency can take some of the pressure off your internal marketing team.

6 Crucial Digital Marketing Agency Positions

Just like your car relies on vital parts to run, each role on your digital marketing team plays a vital part in the success of your marketing strategy. If you’re working with an agency, or even trying to figure out the exact role you need to hire for internally, familiarize yourself with these key roles—but keep in mind that these are just some of the marketing professionals you’ll come into contact with!

Account Manager

Your account manager, or AM, is one of the first people you’ll interact with when beginning to work with your digital marketing agency team. Serving as the go-between for your digital marketing team and the rest of your company, the AM walks clients through each step of the marketing process and accurately communicates what’s going on during each stage of development. 

Project Manager

Project managers (PMs) play a vital role in the success of your marketing strategy by keeping track of budgets, creating a work plan, and handling scheduling. If someone doesn’t have what they need to succeed, rest assured your PM will find it. The best project managers can anticipate needs and complications before they arise, making them invaluable to the completion of a campaign. 

SEO Strategist

In charge of developing and maintaining a cutting-edge SEO strategy, a stellar SEO strategist is every brand’s not-so-secret weapon. Experts in keywords, search engine performance, web analytics, heat map analysis, and more, SEO strategists can provide recommendations for content development in coordination with your specific organic search goals.

Social Strategist

Responsible for implementing and maintaining a strong social media strategy, social media strategists know all the ins and outs of social media platforms. Working closely with SEO strategists and PPC managers, your social strategist’s primary goal is to develop and grow your online audience in hopes of turning those fans into supportive customers. 

Copywriter/Content Editor

The wordsmiths in charge of bringing your brilliant strategies to life, copywriters and content editors create the engaging content your offer, product, or service needs to succeed. Proficient in blogging, writing email and web copy, editing content, and more, a talented copywriter can be the difference between a “good” campaign and a record-breaking one. 

Web Developer

Most useful if you’re building or revamping a website, front and back end web developers are responsible for the coding, design, and layout of a website. Self-proclaimed tech nerds in the best sense of the term, web developers are often the people that get called in if your site goes down, a page won’t load, an internal link breaks, or you need a new product page built. 

Trust Your Digital Marketing Needs to a Stellar Team

Not every company has the resources required to build a well-rounded digital marketing team. If you find yourself struggling to develop or execute a marketing strategy or campaign, contact Snap. Our team of experienced digital marketing professionals is fully equipped to help jumpstart your marketing efforts. We look forward to working with you!