Abby Olson

Director of SEO

Abby has worn many hats since joining the Snap team before settling in as the head of our SEO department. She guides her team with an emphasis on delivering results and demonstrating value to clients while executing every marketing strategy with passion at the core.


Morgan Molitor

Social Media Strategist

Morgan is a graduate of Concordia University in St. Paul with a degree in Marketing. She also has a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Brooks College in Long Beach, CA. Morgan has over 10 years of experience in Customer Service, 10 + years experience in Operations, and 6 + years in Marketing. Morgan co-owns alongside with her husband the blog, construction2style, where they blog all about their home renovations.

Spenser Baldwin

Spenser Baldwin

COO, Partner

Spenser has over 10 years experience in web development, project management, digital marketing and E-commerce. As a partner at Snap, he guides long-term vision for product and processes.


Sumia Fury

Account/Project Manager

Sumia graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Communications-Advertising and Psychology. She started with Snap as an intern in August 2014 and became an Account/Project Manager in January 2015. Her passion and love for her work is fueled by the excitement of her clients.

Tim Brown Digital Designer

Tim Brown

Director of Marketing Strategy

I love helping people get found and tell their story online. I love asking the right questions and helping strategize how we can cut through the noise and help people make more money with their business. I think outside the box and creatively about the bottom line at the same time for maximum effect.



Office Dog

Zoey enjoys long walks around the neighborhood, bits… as well as the occasional kibble. When asked what her favorite place to spend the day at work she seemed puzzled, looked down at her ball and then walked away like no one said anything. Throw her ball once and she will love you, but you have to be very special to get too many more than that – she seems to rather want to play tug of war after a couple throws.

george lee

George Lee

CEO & Accelerator

George has over 13 years experience in building, managing and optimizing multi-channel ecommerce businesses. He built his first Probus eCommerce store in 2003. Since then, he has launched 15 online stores across three different channels. He is a graduate of Pacific Western University and has been at Datacard Group & MasterCard. He also serves as Chairman of the non-profit organization Jobs Foundation. George has been CEO of Snap Agency since 2011.

Josh - Snap Agency Account Management

Josh Kennedy

Director of Development

Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-EauClaire, with a BA in Psychology, Josh has developed his ability to connect the right people with the right resource. He is focused on changing things for the best and improving upon the process. His entrepreneurial background provides keen insight into both business development and strategy.


Michael Frahm

Content Strategist

With more than 7 years of copywriting and design experience, he has worked with web development companies, music theatres, mobile tech startups and even Congress. He received his B.A. in Creative Advertising and Art History from Drake University in Iowa.


Liz Lorge

Content Writer | Copy Editor

With majors in English and journalism, Liz graduated from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities in 2012. She’s since managed an ice cream kitchen, learned how to roller skate and fine-tuned her editing prowess at another agency before landing on Snap’s doorstep. Here she flexes her writing muscles and wordsmiths for a variety of clients while talking sass and listening to sweet jams. She likes roller derby, antiques and the feeling of waking up in a tent on particularly cold mornings.


Tyler Weber

SEO Strategist

Tyler came to Snap with a background in digital marketing and sales, and now works along side clients to create and execute custom SEO strategies focused on achieving and exceeding goals. Born and raised in the Twin Cities and Google Analytics Certified since 2014, Tyler graduated from Bethel University with a BA in Organizational Communications.


Brenna French

Lead Website Designer

Brenna has 4 years experience as a web designer and 5 years as a digital designer. Brenna holds a B.S. in Design and Business and A.O.S. in Graphic Design & Occupational Studies from the Creative Center in Omaha, NE. Brenna finds the most joy in designing brand perceptions for companies online. Clients come to Snap passionate about their product or service, and Brenna loves to work with passionate clients because they truly believe their product or service will enrich the lives of others. She strives to create a better experiences for clients and their target audience.


Brendon Noerenberg

Lead Web Developer

Brendon has worked at Snap Agency since late 2011. His focus in web development is with PHP, MySQL, and JQuery. He launched his first website for a local business when he was in High School and has experience using Magento and WordPress.

Julia Dowden - Account Manager

Julia Dowden

Account Manager

Julia joined Snap as an Account Manager in mid-December 2015. Sometimes we think of her as our early Christmas present.

Clayton Johnson - SEO Specialist Minneapolis

Clayton Johnson

SEO Strategist

Clayton has been doing Search Engine Optimization for 12 years, and has seen the shifts and twists and turns. He knows how to dodge the penguins and panda’s and wrestle the SERPS.

Alex Carlson - Front-End Developer - Front-end development - Snap Agency

Alex Carlson

Front-end Developer

Alex is a front-end developer with an eye for visual design as well. He creates dynamic experiences on the web with a strong emphasis on responsive, front-end and WordPress Development.

Courtney McCall Web Design - Minneapolis Minnesota

Courtney McCall

Graphic and Web Designer

Courtney creates effective websites and wields branding with the virtuosity of a wizard. A very kind, good-natured wizard who is friendly. Ask her about her work and you can tell that is created with intention and care. It’s this kind of passion that keeps Snap Agency lively and powered by enthusiasm.

Jesse Schoff - Sr. Account Manager - Snap Agency

Jesse Schoff

IT Manager

Jesse started in the web industry early in life, owning and operating a web hosting business from the age of 14. Although that business is long since defunct, it sparked a lifelong passion for web design, web development, and web infrastructure.

After freelancing for over a decade, and working in a corporate development shop for five years, Jesse seems to finally have found where he fits in best: at Snap Agency. The fast pace, collaborative nature of agency life is invigorating and everyday offers new and sometimes unfamiliar challenges, but that’s where all the fun starts.


At Snap, marketing is what we make it.

And we make it fun.

Our employees are an eclectic mix of global citizens with one commonality: Be the best we can at what we love to do.

Internet marketing isn’t just about sharing photos on Facebook. (Although, yes we encourage our employees to “waste time” on social media.) It’s about setting goals, making progress and seeing lives change in the process. For example,

  • A once fledgling mom and pop store looks to Snap to bring their local SEO efforts into the year 2014.

  • A medical patient seeking the best treatment online can now find it through a website designed by Snap, which easily informs them of crucial information.

  • A big business is having trouble communicating to their consumer base on Facebook. Snap’s ability to harness the power of the community through social media marketing helps both parties get the most from the relationship.

Who wouldn’t want to do what we do? Find out more about our team by clicking through the items below.

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