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Achieve Conversion Rate Optimization Right Now!

By Snap Agency April 2, 2014

Is your ecommerce website hard to navigate? Do you think there are improvements to be made concerning the navigation from your home page to the checkout page? In order to maximize conversion rate optimization, and minimize bounce rate, you will need to dive into some code, change up some designs and fix your language.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services Defined

So what exactly is conversion rate optimization? Essentially, it’s the process of designing your website with the intention of increasing website leads and ultimately sales. By attracting more visitors and keeping them around your site longer with easy navigation and a clear layout, you will reduce the bounce rate and complete more exchanges.

In it’s simplest terms: it’s the percentage of visitors who complete your defined goal. Let’s see how you can implement and improve it right now.

A/B Testing for Conversion Rate Optimization

If you manage an online store, whenever you implement something new into your website, you should conduct an A/B test with the old version vs. the new version.

Like a baseball manager who swaps out his number four hitter for a few games to see if it will improve their record, you should test content changes to know if it will improve your website.

Using Google Analytics, you can set up a conversion rate plan to test different versions of your site pages. Define your goal (e.g. make a sale, fill out a contact form, sign up for a newsletter, try a different CTA) and set it to it’s respective page. Check back in a week or so to see if the number of site visitors significantly improve, or your bounce rate decreases.

If so, then you know which page should be used to convert users to your defined goal.

Test Call To Actions to Improve Conversions

To improve your conversion rate, another thing you can do is test your call to action language and placement against each other. Your language should communicate urgency and convince them to take action within seconds. Adding language like, “Limited Time Only” or “Today’s Special Offer” helps and gives them reason to click now rather than later.

And, perhaps what’s more important is the story leading up to it. If you don’t feel compelled to push the button, why would you? Editor of ConversionXL.com, Tommy Walker expounds on this point, when he spoke of signing up for Facebook:

“That moment [a CTA changed my life] was when I registered for Facebook, but that it wasn’t the “Sign Up” button that made me take action. It was the story that leading up to it.”
Convince your audience that a click of a button will change their lives, and you will see bounce rates drop and your conversion rate soar.

Along with language, placement and design is important with CTA’s. Make sure they jump out at the visitor, they are above or close to the fold, and it takes them to a useful landing page. This way, you make it easy on the customer to complete a transaction–which is exactly what you want to accomplish.

Clean Up Navigation & Layout
You know how annoying it is when a site hasn’t been optimized. Navigation is difficult, things are hard to read and worst yet: you can’t make a purchase.

Look up some best practices and get a designer into your website to see where you can make improvements. Install a search bar to narrow down what your visitors are looking for when they come to your site. Minimize options on your navigation bar to reduce clutter and confusion.

There are a number of ways you can clean up your site for easier navigation. cleaning up your navigation bar is incredibly important, and often overlooked. According to Susan Lou, a marketing professional at ThriveHive, no more than seven options should be presented:

“Don’t overwhelm your visitor with a complex menu. Limit the number of web pages in the navigation menu to a maximum of 7 pages. Why seven? Short-term memory only holds seven items. If you have eight tabs in your navigation menu, visitors may overlook important information.”

This is a great rule of thumb to keep in mind. Even though we’re only leaving you with seven options, that doesn’t mean you can’t create drop down services menus and links in the footers.

You Need to Start Conversion Rate Optimization Service Now!

To get the most of your ecommerce site or online store, implement these conversion rate optimization tactics and boost your sales. With a analytical approach and a keen eye, you can increase your conversions and decrease your bounce rate today!