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Snap Agency specializes in theme development, customization and plugin development for a variety of platforms and CMS’s. As an agency, we can commiserate with the struggle of hiring, managing and expanding a development team. Given our own experience in training and improving such a staff, we realized that a gap in the marketplace exists.

Most creative agencies will have to choose between a one-man shop or a full-scale development agency. For us, we think that you should expect the best from your partners. That means transparent and affordable (good-guy) pricing, clean code, brand consistency and excellent project management.

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Our Process


We want to meet with the stakeholders on your team to learn about what’s important to the end client and how we can achieve that together. Simultaneously, Snap will look to find ways to make your team looks its best whenever any technical talk or discussions arise. Our goal is to treat your (and the client’s) business like it was our own.


Using what we learn in Discovery, our architects will map out the process and structure of the website or web application. Depending on scope, your team will have wireframes and mind maps to present to the client or to use for your design team. Regardless, our intent is to support the brands and beauty of what you’re trying to create.


Now that all sides are in firm agreement about what should be built and how it should look, our web development team and project managers will execute to build the site or application. Based on what we learn in Discovery, we can communicate these results to a number of people at differing levels of complexity. Sometimes development can feel like a black box; we want it transparent.

Quality Assurance

Does what we built match the specifications? Can it stand up to lots of traffic? Does it load fast? These questions, and more, are resolved and understood during the QA, Quality Assurance process. Typically, your team will also play a role in this as we’re all shooting to make the client look awesome.

Deliver and Launch

Now that we’re all feeling great about the end result and it’s delivery, Snap will either launch, assist in launching or hand over files for the site or application. We can interface with your own technical teams or even the client’s to ensure that go-live is a win.

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