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5 Reasons why Huge Authority Links are Crucial

By Snap Agency November 29, 2017

Some SEO’s purposefully avoid attempting to acquire links on the biggest sites because they believe that the benefit is overrated and the amount of work required is too high.

However, we believe that while they only need to represent a small proportion of your overall link profile, they are crucial for any site looking to grow. In this article, we’ll be explaining why they are so important and what other benefits they can bring to your business.

What are Huge Authority Sites?

Huge authority sites can be characterized by the amount of traffic that they receive. They’ll usually be industry leaders and will be visited by tens of thousands of visitors every day.

Being such popular sites, they often have extremely strong backlink profiles because they’ve attracted a huge quantity of powerful links in the past. Although they won’t always have huge link profiles, they’ll usually have the strongest links in the industry.

They Send Traffic

With so many people visiting these huge authority sites, you can be guaranteed that they’ll send a bunch of traffic your way. Even just a single post in an article is likely to send you a noticeable amount of targeted traffic, and this might even outweigh the benefit of the link.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, it’s a good idea only to acquire links that will send targeted traffic because this is a good sign that they are quality links that won’t be penalized in the future.

Not only that but often that targeted traffic will lead to sales and therefore revenue for your business. While we all love organic traffic from search engines, it can take time for your rankings to reflect your new backlinks and it’s important that you’re making sales in the meantime.

Powerful Links

Being the biggest sites in your niche, it’s likely that they’ve attracted links that you’d struggle to acquire at this current time. However, you can use them as a proxy to absorb some of that link power.

A certain amount of ‘link juice’ is passed on through each do-follow link and that means that sites with the most links will often rank the best but can also give out the most powerful links.

That’s why just one link from a large site might be worth ten links from smaller sites.

Future Opportunities

Business owners should try their best to be pre-occupied with both the present and the future. Getting links from huge authority sites can help your site to rank better right now, but it can also open up future opportunities for you and your brand that you might not have otherwise had.

One of the more common benefits from getting links from larger sites is that you’ll be asked to become a regular contributor or author. This means that you can post more articles in the future, which can be used to help build your brand, but also to create links strategically to posts that you want to rank.

This gives you far more freedom than getting a link in another authors post and will allow you to use the exact anchor text that you want for the link.

Brand Recognition

Not only will being featured give you a link, but it also helps to generate brand recognition. It’s great to keep your brand in the minds of customers and industry experts because this can help to make your offline marketing efforts more successful.

Large companies understand the power of brand recognition and many local businesses would benefit from employing the same tactics to building a reputation that allows them to stand out from their competition.

Building Trust

Trust is a topic that’s highly debated in the SEO world. Some believe that a link is a link, regardless of the exact domain that it comes from, whereas others believe that a link can hold a specific strength but can also pass trust to your website.

The idea behind this is that websites like NASA and the US Government will only link out to extremely trustworthy sources, whereas equally strong domains like the Independent or CNBC might be laxer.

Therefore, while they might have similarly strong backlink profiles, one could be more trustworthy than the other. Some SEOs believe that some of this trust can be passed on and can be beneficial, particularly for new websites.

With this in mind, it makes sense to try and acquire links from large authority websites that carry more trust when compared to smaller niche sites.


Overall, you should be aiming for a balanced and relevant backlink profile. However, we do believe that links from the most powerful sites play a crucial role, especially for new websites that are struggling to rank for any of their target keywords.

Don’t disregard larger websites just because getting links from them is more difficult, it can often be far more beneficial than many links from smaller sites.