The Best Digital Marketing Tools for 2017

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In order to be successful in digital marketing, you must be intuitive and persistent. These days there are many tools to help with research, apply creative insights and share content in a quick and efficient way. Tools will help you stay ahead of the game, wow your clients and be the best in your industry. We have experimented with many tools to found out what works and what doesn’t work for us!

With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite digital marketing tools to use in 2017:


Use heatmaps and screen recording to watch everything your visitors do


A/B testing enabling experimentation and personalization across websites, mobile apps and connected devices


Landing page and A/B testing. Quickly build, tweak and publish new landing pages to test


Landing page and A/B testing with affiliate marketing


Domain Authority Plugin for Google Chrome, SEO monitor in a Chrome Plugin


Influencer outreach & content marketing platform for guest posting

Ninja Outreach

Another great influencer outreach marketing platform


Determine what technology a website uses on Chrome


Screen recordings and quick editing of your screen recordings

Google Webmaster Console

Track your site’s search performance. Find your inbound links, search impressions, positions & clicks, crawl status


Research your niche. Check your competitors backlinks, keywords rankings, social shares & more


Find long tail keyword opportunities based on your current traffic


Email tracking so you know when someone has opened your email


Screen dimming and temperature change for working at night without damaging your ideas or keeping you awake

Rescue Time

Tracking weekly wasted or unproductive time

Google Tag Manager

Tag all the things! Setup attribution to better measure & report on marketing efforts


Twitter following and unfollowing

Buffer + Buffer chrome extension

Social media scheduling and super easy sharing


Recycling evergreen content on social, works in conjunction with Buffer


Social media automation on Twitter and Instagram


Social media automation on Pinterest

Call Rail

Tracks, records, routes calls/conversions in analytics


Get feedback from users recording videos of their experience


Get quick 5-second tests from a lot of people quickly

Twitter Advanced Search

Find things that are trending, look for people who need our help

GIF Share Phone App

Make GIFs into videos for Instagram


Make short videos into GIFs for Twitter


Create really beautiful one-step-at-a-time forms


For competitive analysis and keyword ranking


For social post scheduling


Faster, more insightful and better looking analytics reports

Awesome Screenshot

Screenshots using the Chrome extension

Keywords Everywhere

Plugin that shows keyword volume & CPC in search, console, analytics


Checks for duplicate content

Ad.Jelly Size Guide

Specs for all sorts of image sizes


Drag and drop graphics, design templates, customize & visualize data

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research based on GEO location. Currently gives estimated volumes if you are not running an adwords campaign

Google PageSpeed

Pagespeed and mobile check with actionable recommendations


Website speed test that shows detailed information

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Prototype or directly test your structured data

Google Consumer Surveys

Get poll/survey information back about whatever you need info on, from the people you need it from.

Google Consumer Barometer

Get industry specific data to help inform your marketing decisions


Used to create and present clickable, interactive prototypes complete with added gestures, clicks, and transitions to look and feel like a real working site.


A tool to enhance your visual marketing on Pinterest and Instagram. Schedule posts, get actionable analytics and monitor your brand name.

Sprout Social

Social Media scheduling and publishing tool for all of your social platforms,  providing actionable analytics and month over month comparison reports


Tool to help find the most relevant influencers, streamline outreach and scale content creation


Tool to increase online conversations. Real time tracking, analytics, competitor comparison reports, and brand name mention tool

Worried about how to use all of these tools? Don’t be! Experiment, try them out, find out what you like and what you don’t like, and always understand that these tools are not a one stop shop. Digital marketing tools are there to help supplement the hard work you have already done. As technology continues to progress, more tools will become available. It is important to understand how they work to stay on top of the industry!

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