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Boost SEO Link Building with Social Media Right Now!

By Snap Agency March 28, 2014

Search engine optimization (SEO) and the way your business ranks has changed rapidly in the past few years, as Google constantly tweaks algorithm updates in areas they see fit. With content, keyword strategy and link building structure quickly becoming quality-based rather than quantity-based, you may need to rethink your SEO link building strategy.

Let’s take some time to go through some link building tactics you can use on social media to boost your SEO link rankings right now.

The Importance of SEO Link Building

Links to and from your website are possibly the most important quantifiers used in search engine marketing, as they depict your level of influence and importance against everyone else on the Internet. The more links you can build and gain from other sites, the more value you’ll receive from Google and the higher your site will rank in the search engine results.

Building links is another blog post in and of itself, but social media strategy plays an incredibly large role in galvanizing your community, gaining links and making conversions.

Drive High Quality Website Traffic From Your Social Profiles

If consumers are engaging with your brand on social media, then they are obviously already interested in your brand. If you can promote your website, blog or any other links pertaining to your business’ website, and followers see that pop up in their newsfeed, they’ll be more inclined to find out more about your products. At the very least, you’ll raise brand awareness, stay in the back of their mind and likely receive a visit from them in the future.

If you have a blog, make sure every post is promoted on your social channels right away. These people are already interested in what you offer, so you must be saying something right. Keep providing the right content for your target and you may just push them over the conversion cliff.

Build Relevant Content for SEO Link Building

If you write and distribute content that interests your target audience, the more likely they are to share your work on social media, bringing in more organic visitors to your site. When implementing this into your marketing strategy, know that people find value in well-researched informational content, but not so much in .

Research shows that posts including infographics, statistics and videos work extremely well in capturing shares. Posts that were written for their entertainment value, while sometimes successful, had little chance of going viral or even making impressions. Whatever route you take, make sure it has long-term value to increase your SEO authority. To find out whether you’re content is driving traffic, make sure you’re measuring your social media traffic metrics.

Share Exclusive Discounts or Offers on Profiles

If you offer a product or service, you can offer special discounts, deals or perks to your existing followers to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind. This is also a good way to gain followers because if the deal is exclusive, then you’re essentially gaining a follower and possibly a conversion. It’s a win-win.

Make sure you’re using urgent call to action (CTA) language, and an incentive large enough to entice purchases. And don’t forget, the end goal here is linking, so if they want the deal – ask them to share your content first.