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Why Your Brand Message Is the Most Important Aspect of Your Business

By Snap Agency January 16, 2019

Branding is at the core of every company. Defined as any name, term, symbol, or element that a company is identified through, your brand should tell existing and potential customers who your company is and what you stand for—almost before you tell them what services you offer. It’s 2019, and if the face of your company is still a product, not a brand, you’ll be stuck in the old age of advertising and brand development. Think about it: in the days before technology, big brands were known for what they made, not who they were. Coca-Cola made soda, McDonalds sold cheap burgers, and Ford built trucks. This type of product strategy worked because consumers of the past bought into great advertising, but consumers of today buy into great brands.

The Difference Between Product Advertising and Brand Advertising

Recent technological advancements and emerging social media platforms provide companies with the opportunity to build a unique brand and social identity like never before. Despite these advantages, without a well-planned and thoughtfully executed branding strategy, your business will miss the chance to personally connect with your consumer base on a deeper level than companies of generations past could ever go. For this reason, it’s crucial that you know your brand and can implement it confidently and consistently throughout your business and product advertising.

Find Your Brand—the Sooner, the Better

In some ways, your brand plan is more important than your business plan. Unlike products or services, a company’s branding strategy affects every single interaction, digital or real, it has with consumers. You should use the data available to you to help build not only good products and services, but an excellent brand. If you have a distinguished brand or product voice, take a second look, or consider hiring an outside expert who can offer suggestions about further strengthening your branding strategy. If you don’t currently have a strong brand, here are a few tips that can help your company find and develop its voice.

Utilize Your Team

By nature of their trade, Graphic Designers actively work to remain up-to-date on the latest design trends. When creating a logo, finding your signature typography, or feeling out a mood for your brand, work with your designers to guarantee that your “visual voice” will be current and on trend.

Although a major part of your brand is visual, it isn’t the only crucial component of your branding strategy. What you say will be just as important as how you say it, so be sure to work with your strategists and copywriters to accurately and concisely build the wording of your brand. Your mission statement, slogan, and company values matter to people; make sure they are well-written.

Make Your Brand Pop Visually

Your brand’s proud home and biggest supporter should be your website. With coordinated visual content in areas like color scheme, type, and content style, you can ensure that your logo, language, and imagery all pop. On your website, you can also cater the tone of your language most specifically to your brand. Build a brand that is relatable, trustworthy, and needed. This way, consumers visiting your site know exactly who your business is, what useful services you offer, and why they should be excited to work with you

Commit to Your Brand: Go All In

In addition to creating and refining your brand, be sure to keep your branding communications clear and consistent through all your materials. If your website feels different than your logo, which also doesn’t match your media, consumers will be confused and may take their business elsewhere. Evaluate your brand routinely for inconsistencies or other continuity issues, and remain open to making constructive changes.

Implement Away

Once you’ve built and committed to a solid brand message, you can integrate your vision into your existing product branding strategy. Many products have become popular thanks to the name supporting them, because a good brand adds value to a product. If you are confident in the products you produce and the services you offer, take ownership! Claiming your products not only communicates to consumers that you stand behind your work (building trust), but it can provide piece of mind: if they have been pleased with your products before, they could be again.

Recognition and positive customer experiences speak volumes to consumers. If you want to mold them into returning customers, it’s necessary to win them over with your branding and products, not just one or the other. Because of this, you should carefully examine not just your brand, but your products or services, for weaknesses or flaws. Make sure that the success (or potential failure) of your business is not too reliant on one aspect of your services.

Strengthen Your Brand Message with Snap

Building and strengthening your brand message and product branding strategy takes time and resources, but the ROI is worth it. Want an experienced, outside source to provide some insight into your brand? Contact Snap today. Our web design, social media, and marketing experts are standing by, eager to help your company find and confidently implement your unique voice.