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Why Businesses Need to Reevaluate Their SEO Keyword Strategies in 2019

By Snap Agency November 30, 2018

With the implementation of RankBrain and other machine learning algorithms, search engines have learned to look past simple keywords—and to cater to the searcher behind every individual query. What used to be a straightforward field has evolved into something far more complicated. And with SEO strategy shifting with every new year, it’s time for businesses to reevaluate their keyword strategy in order to remain relevant.

SEO Keyword Strategies of the Past

No successful business would ever completely recycle an old digital marketing plan going into a new fiscal year. Your business has grown, your goals have expanded, and you have new products and advancements to offer to consumers. With the bar being consistently raised, it’s no surprise that standard keyword strategies are no longer enough to drive business.

While most businesses understand the need for robust digital strategy, we’ve noticed a trend of businesses continuing to use outdated SEO keyword strategies and tactics—as opposed to investing time and resources into developing a new marketing strategy. We know how much effort it takes to understand today’s SEO best practices because that’s all our SEO Team does. We spend thousands of hours researching algorithms, trends, and market data so that you don’t have to.

Though the nature of search is constantly evolving, and keywords are no exception to this trend, let’s analyse a handful of tactics that have dominated SEO strategy in years past:

  • Short tail keywords
  • Site speed optimization
  • Responsive sites for mobile
  • Backlinking

Some of these tactics still hold true (like site speed and the importance of responsive web design). But as the world of search continues to expand, some of the tactics that were vital in 2018 now pale in comparison to the already-emerging SEO keyword trends and best practices of 2019.

2019 Keyword Trends to Watch

Every new year should bring about a change in your SEO keyword strategy and SEO services. Between historical data and projections taking into account changes to search (and algorithm changes that are set to take place within the next year), we predict that the following trends will create major impact for businesses and marketers in 2019:

Voice Search

Because more and more Americans are relying on their smartphones for answers to search inquiries, it’s imperative that your SEO keyword strategy be compatible with voice search. Recent research outlined by Forbes tells us that as far back as 2016, 40 percent of adults used voice-based search on a daily basis. Furthermore, predictions seem to indicate that more than half of searches will be voice-based by 2020. In order to keep with these trends, your 2019 SEO keyword strategy must be voice search compliant.

Mobile Search Catering

Similar to voice search, mobile search inquiries will become even more prominent moving forward. After ensuring that visitors to your site have a good experience and can successfully navigate your mobile layout, you should work to make your SEO keyword strategy and services compatible with mobile searches. With mobile phones on track to be the dominant device in 2019, by catering your SEO services and keyword strategy to be mobile search friendly, you’ll ensure that your visibility and results only increase with time.

Organic Rankings

ROI Amplified tells us that by becoming more confident in your SEO keyword strategy, you’ll be able to increase your organic Google rankings. “Organic Search” is a buzzword you will continue to hear going into 2019. In contrast to paid search results (PPC), organic searches and rankings are determined almost exclusively by your searchers. To rank higher, take the time to understand the mindset of your searchers—and to examine keywords that are already driving relevant traffic to your own site. This way, you’ll understand which terms you can conceivably rank for—and where the best opportunities are for you to rise higher in the Google search results.

Build Your Online Presence in 2019 With Snap

Your online presence is crucial to maintaining a successful business going into 2019. Your creative team could spend hours writing compelling copy and finding the best keywords for your brand. But if that content draws users to a crudely designed site—or to one that has poor functionality—then all of that hard work will be wasted. Designing a good keyword strategy requires a rock-solid digital infrastructure to support it. In 2019, between voice and mobile search—and an increasing focus on organic rankings—if your site can’t support the modern consumer, then even the best keyword strategy in the world won’t be enough to push your site to the next level.
Contact Snap to make sure your 2019 SEO efforts start off with a bang. Our team of digital marketing experts is eager to help you however we can—whether that means building a new strategy from scratch or re-examining your existing online presence and finding ways to make improvements. At the end of the day, traffic is good—but conversions are better: let us help.