Our Challengee

When we first crossed paths with Choices Psychotherapy, we knew we were looking at an untapped goldmine of SEO ranking potential. A talented team of therapists and psychiatrists make up the St. Louis Park-based team, and all psychiatrists practice therapy-informed psychiatry. With our expertise in psychiatry SEO and medical industry SEO we helped them get found more often by those that need them.

We began working with Choices Psychotherapy immediately following the launch of their new website. This meant starting from scratch: Not only were they driving no traffic, but there was no historic data to build a strategy on. Our standard approach was no longer an option, but we had the industry’s best practices, a history of success and SEO intuition on our side.

The strategy for Choices Psychotherapy would be a test-and-learn approach. Once we started to build traffic, we would be able to make assumptions and adjustments depending on the outcome. In essence, we’d be competing against ourselves. We began with writing all technical elements while the website was preparing for launch so they’d be in place to start earning visits immediately. Next, we prepared a content strategy revolving around the many services this clinic offers to their clients.

Creating content for a psychotherapy clinic is enjoyable and informative, but it’s no easy feat. We were tasked with presenting medical subject matter in a way that’s compelling and accurate, but, more importantly, is searchable. This required a great deal of industry research into most shared content and what keyword trends are on the rise. While there’s no shortage of content available for psychotherapy-related searches, visits from out-of-area visitors don’t provide us or the clinic with a great deal of value. With local SEO at the forefront of the strategy alongside content, we began capturing the right clients in the right areas.


Our Solution

The content strategy for Choices Psychotherapy was developed after thorough investigation into industry trends and most-shared relevant content. We paired Technical SEO with content creation for all services, to emphasize Choices Psychotherapy’s huge range of services, as well as newsletter generation and promotion. Popular seasonal and niche content is promoted in featured articles. As those representing Choices Psychotherapy complete career milestones, we’ve also promoted these accolades by submitting press releases. These backlinks and increased content have contributed to the overall domain authority of choicespsychotherapy.net.

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To track our efforts, we’ve increased the number of places on the website for users to convert. All service pages now feature a contact form to encourage visitors to go to the Choices Psychotherapy website to learn more about the business and offered programs.

After comparing metrics from July 2015 – Oct 2015 with the same time frame from the previous year, we outperformed our previous efforts with 4,117 visits compared to 2,158. Within these visits, there was a 43.10 percent increase in organic traffic alone. The real determining factor, as any business knows, lies in the conversions. We were pleased to note that increasing the number of places to convert on the website yielded a 510.54 percent increase in the goal conversion rate from one year to the next. We are thrilled to see such stellar results, and we are even more excited to continue success into next year. If you have a business you’d like us to grow, contact us to get started.

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