The Challenge

Continuing Education for Teachers (CET) provides teachers with online continuing education coursework, materials and tools to help them succeed in the classroom. The brand aspires to provide today’s educators with all the support and resources they need to create positive learning environments for students. CET came to Snap with aspirations to optimize their Facebook advertising efforts, hoping to reach more teachers who would need to renew their license or seek continuing education to further their career goals.

After meeting with Snap’s Social Media Team, CET identified three key objectives:

  • Drive brand awareness growth by increasing followers on social media platforms
  • Drive business growth by creating conversions via social platforms
  • Create and track key performance indicators (KPIs)

Enlightened and inspired by these goals, Snap’s team got strategic—uncovering data on the social media behaviors of CET’s target audience to find the best ways to optimize awareness and conversions.

Our Solution

Snap developed a comprehensive social strategy for CET that leveraged Facebook engagement advertisements to build brand awareness. Our Social Media Team also ran conversion ads to a warm, specified audience comprised of teachers who were most likely to convert into paying customers. By targeting users who had already visited the site, current members of the client’s email list, and a lookalike audience to previous purchasers, our social media experts set CET on a fast track toward success.

203 Conversions in 31 days
$17.65 return on ad spend
Over 3,000 new Facebook followers in 4 months

Backed by its bustling social channels, Continuing Education for Teachers is empowering more and more educators with the resources to pursue—and surpass—their career aspirations. The future’s looking brighter than ever for the teachers of tomorrow.

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