Our Challenge

M.I.N.N.E. is an amazing clothing/apparel brand, and creating a website for them allowed us to really make something that was aesthetically beyond what so many of their competitors are doing. By showcasing their lines with beautiful forward-thinking design elements, they are set up to drive more business with their website as an incredible tool in their arsenal to sell to retailers.

M.I.N.N.E. offers a high to mid-premium fashion line, and the structure set up to help get the brand in front of the right people to sell its products.

Fashion website design presents a unique opportunity for web designers in that it really mirrors a lot of what we do when we get full freedom to spread our creative wings. Fashion designers and web designers both try to be on the cusp of new trends as they start to emerge, and our web design team is an example of that type of thinking.

The challenge with the M.I.N.N.E. fashion website design project laid in the use of the brand, which contrasted with the actual clothing as far as high-end aesthetic goes. The photography, fortunately, truly spoke to the luxurious and sexy comfort that the line was intended to exemplify, and great photography really does have a ton to do with how a website turns out in the end.

With two designers both passionate about the project, the appeal of a fashion website was strong. Both were dead set on the project becoming an award-winning one, and they set in to work on what would become one of the most high-end feeling websites Snap has created to date. Mind you, some of the UI (user interface) elements we used in this visual design wouldn’t make sense on every website, but when it comes to the fashion world, if you’re not taking some calculated risk, you’re probably falling behind.

Our Solution

So we set off and created a site that showcases large photographic images and elements that both scream, “we know what we’re doing!” and nonchalantly mutter, “watch and learn,” at the same time. Clearly we can’t take credit for the amazing raw material that allowed such a vibe to really take root in the site in the form of photography, but we can be happy we got to work with such an awesome client.

We paid serious attention to the colors used on this site as they had to complement whatever lines of clothing the brand would put out in the next couple of years. We chose a dark grey, a very light grey and a pale pink—chosen as Pantone’s color of the year for 2016 after we designed the website, mind you.

A huge pattern throughout this site design was the tendency to leave out elements, or not show elements that may be included in many other sites but just weren’t necessary for this one. A common trend in web design at the moment is mobile-first design—where you create the visual design of the site for mobile devices first and then build it up to the desktop. If something didn’t warrant being included in the mobile version of the site for aesthetic or functional reasons, it may add to the emphasis of the remaining elements to leave it off of the desktop site as well.

Other clear high points on this design are the subtle transitions and animations done with JavaScript and CSS to give an intentional and high-end feel to both the site and the large full-width menu, which opens from the three-bar menu on both desktop and mobile. Once again, this type of design isn’t appropriate for all sites, but in this case it put more attention on the remaining calls to action. If you’re looking for a forward-thinking agency to handle your web design project for a fashion-oriented site, contact us now.

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