Our Challenge

Pivot Health is a temporary and supplemental health insurance provider that makes coverage simpler and more affordable for individuals and families alike. The provider offers a variety of short-term coverage options that include prescription drug discounts and unlimited doctor consultations, streamlining healthcare for its customers. Pivot’s greatest business obstacle was brand awareness—spreading the word about its offerings to interested markets. The company reached out to Snap in hopes of boosting awareness via social media.

After meeting with Snap’s Social Media Team, Pivot Health identified its key objective: to drive brand awareness growth by increasing following counts on its social media platforms.

Motivated by this goal, Snap’s team initiated research to determine which social media channels Pivot’s primary target audience (millennials seeking short-term coverage) frequented. Our team identified Facebook as the predominant platform used by individuals. With a clear objective and target market in mind, Snap’s social experts set to work on developing a cost-effective social media strategy to deliver results.

Our Solution

Snap utilized Facebook ads to spread brand awareness across Pivot’s targeted demographics, leveraging creative copy and compelling imagery to attract channel users and drive engagement. After only six months of circulation, these ads increased Pivot’s Facebook follower count from 14 to 16,202, dramatically strengthening their online presence and brand awareness.

With the support of its growing social channels, Pivot Health is connecting with new customers across the nation—delivering affordable, hassle-free coverage for every stage of life.

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