Our Challenge

Trex Commercial Products is a leading provider of decorative commercial railing systems. Its seasoned team delivers best-in-class products and services across healthcare, higher education, government, and other sectors – creating endless possibilities for innovative commercial solutions. Trex Commercial Products serves its clients across all aspects of their project, from preconstruction and engineering to supply service offerings.

After sitting down with Trex, we realized that close collaboration would be essential to success. The company’s stakeholders had big goals, including a complete overhaul of their website to more accurately represent their brand identity—and expand their target audience through content marketing.

The Trex team wanted a more engaging, dynamic website to showcase their varied and gorgeous projects, while drawing in new users with high-quality content. Trex’s existing site was generating some traffic, but failing to convert that traffic into real sales and leads. That scoped out our challenge: create a beautiful, responsive web experience to attract users and compel them to reach out with project and price inquiries.

Our Solution

From the onset, we scoped out an essential element for this project: conversion rate optimization (CRO). Leveraging heatmapping and other tools, we analyzed user behaviors to understand the existing website’s drivers and barriers. Those CRO insights helped our creatives develop a sleek, responsive, eye-popping design focused on maximizing conversions and contact form fills.

On the other side, our SEO team worked closely with Trex to understand their unique market – and craft engaging site content to expand and optimize existing pages for search engines. These efforts helped us produce a steady flow of relevant site traffic, ripe for engagement and conversion. Together, the new design and content encourage commercial prospects to reach out and start their project, further expanding Trex’s network of satisfied clients.

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