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Characteristics of a Stellar Digital Agency

By Snap Agency November 20, 2019

While overwhelming success is the goal of every company, it can be challenging to encourage growth, sustain a strong marketing team, and meet the needs of existing customers—especially all at the same time. If you’re looking for your first digital marketing agency, or even looking to switch agencies, we can help. Let’s talk about what actually makes a good digital marketing partner. 

Does My Brand Need a Digital Agency?

Digital agencies are often hired to increase brand awareness, manage a company’s marketing needs, and help build a loyal customer base. They offer industry experience, forward-thinking digital vision, and consumer-centered creativity that many brands struggle to achieve on their own. 

Thanks to the ecommerce age we live in, countless digital agencies are vying for the business of every brand. However, not every agency has the same niche skill set and is a universal fit to meet the needs of every business. Finding the right digital agency to meet your marketing needs is vital to your bottom line. The wrong partner can eat away at your budget without delivering an increased ROI. The right partner can elevate your brand while utilizing every part cent to its fullest. How should a brand go about selecting the right digital agency, and what sets those agencies apart from the rest?

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Before you can start searching for your ideal digital marketing partner, it’s essential to understand what your actual marketing needs are, and how they can be most practically met. It’s also vital to have a clear and open selection process in place. This way, you’ll be able to easily compare agencies and find the most precise fit.

Keep Your Needs and Budget in Mind

Take a look at what other companies within your industry are doing. If you have particular marketing needs, like building a better conversion funnel for a unique product, a small, niche agency might do a better job of increasing your ROI than a team of hundreds. A smaller agency might also be a better bet for companies working with a smaller marketing budget.

Be Transparent

Knowing your needs and budgets is essential on your end, but openly communicating them to a potential digital partner matters, too. If you aren’t specific and upfront about your needs, agencies won’t be able to present a plan that fits with your scope and budget. If there’s an agency that you would love to partner with, but you currently can’t afford their rates, it never hurts to make contact and keep them in mind for future projects.

Find a Personal and Professional Fit

Many businesses rely on previous industry experience to gauge an agency’s potential. While this is important, make sure to look beyond experience to work styles. How agencies approach new challenges, handle conflict, and praise good work also speaks to their credibility. Ideally, you’ll find a team that you enjoy working with, both on a personal and professional level.

4 Characteristics of an Awesome Digital Marketing Agency

The right agency needs to fit your needs and budget, have relevant industry experience, and be an effective communicator with your team. But in addition to concrete qualifications, your ideal digital partner should exemplify characteristics close to those of your own team. At Snap, we strive to uphold these five values, and we think they’re a great starting place for any brand looking to partner with an agency.


While growth should come with an increase in operating processes, it’s all too easy to become rigid and lose a sense of flexibility. Adaptable agencies remain mobile at any size—meaning that they’re ready to hop in with changes to a content calendar or solve sudden website issues quickly.

People Skills

While most creatives tend to be excellent communicators, understanding how people think and what buyer personas motivate them is a different matter. Is your current agency regularly conducting research and gathering data about your consumers?

A Refusal to Settle

The best digital partners encourage companies to achieve more, set higher goals, and meet KPIs. Does your current agency promote betterment by meeting your needs and the needs of your consumers—and then challenge you to continue growing?

Talent and Tenacity

Anyone can be naturally good at something, like writing or programming. Turning that talent into a highly-marketable skill, though, takes hard work and dedication. When you’re searching for your brand’s ideal marketing partner, look for a talented team packed with hard workers who will put their skills to good use.

Trust Your Digital Marketing Needs to Snap

At Snap, we know that no two companies have the same business needs or marketing goals. Whether you want to see increased website traffic, higher engagement, or a more profitable PPC strategy, our team is equipped to help you get there. Reach out today to get started.