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Chelsey Maas Named Director of Design at Snap Agency

By Snap Agency August 2, 2018

Chelsey Mass is promoted to Snap’s Director of Design.

Snap Agency, a leading digital growth consultancy based in Minneapolis, MN, recently named Chelsey Maas as its Director of Design. After serving for nearly 18 months as Snap’s Senior UX/UI Designer, Maas embraces a variety of new leadership responsibilities as the organization’s Director of Design.

Maas joined Snap Agency as its Senior UX/UI Designer in early 2017, bringing over seven years of design experience to the organization. Over the next 18 months, she worked with the agency’s clients and creative teams to implement strategic UX and UI initiatives to maximize conversions and sales. Maas’s innovative contributions to Snap’s design and branding efforts generated a wealth of business opportunities for the agency, earning her the current promotion.

As Snap’s Director of Design, Chelsey Maas plays an even greater part in delivering meaningful marketing results for its clients. Her responsibilities include the development and management of impactful designs and brand strategies for the organizations Snap serves. Maas leverages her expertise in digital design, branding and UX best practices to lead Snap’s Design Team in creating smart and compelling content, site structures and functionalities that enhance user engagement and conversions.

“Chelsey brings amazing energy, skill and leadership to our Design and Creative Department. Clients are blown away by her intense passion for their businesses and understanding of their customers, not to mention her humility and approachability. We’re blessed to have her at Snap because she demands the best from herself—and brings out the best in those around her,” says Spenser Baldwin, President of Snap Agency. “I personally look forward to continuing to learn from her and the amazing things she is helping our client partners accomplish as we move Snap toward becoming a leading digital consultancy in the Midwest.”

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