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How to Connect with Your Customers During the Holiday Season

By Snap Agency October 10, 2018

For some people, the holiday’s are always right around the metaphorical corner: holiday music and Hallmark Christmas movies play all year long. For others, especially we business people, it’s easy to go into grinch-mode when thinking of family-related holiday business, and correlated slowdowns for our holiday marketing campaigns.

Here at Snap, we firmly believe that you can enjoy this holiday season, remain connected with customers, and even increase your social ROI and PPC numbers all at the same time! How is such a thing possible? Read on and find out.

Include Your Customers In Your Holiday Celebrations

Do you have an awesome social media presence? Tap into your social marketing and connect with customers by flooding your media with photos, video, pins, posts and tweets of your company holiday party, office volunteer experience, or a community event you attend as a staff.

By carefully picking the wordings of your posts, and loading them with keywords, your holiday marketing campaigns can work for you to increase your PPC and ecommerce results. If you don’t have an amazing social presence, keep reading – we can help with that.  

Play Santa

Everyone loves free stuff. In a season marked by generosity, there’s no better way to thank your customers for their continued business, and to turn potential clients into paying customers, than to send a thoughtful gift their way. Although some companies spend major moolah on these efforts, Forbes says a little personalization means more to clients than competing to spend the most.

We think this tip is especially helpful for businesses who operate largely in the digital world. Sending physical gifts that tie into a service/idea/brand your company is known for is a great way to remind your customers that your business is comprised of real people who care about their customers. Here are a few other gift-giving tips to help connect with customers:

  • Don’t push promotions through your gifts – people know a marketing gimmick when they see one
  • Be creative – work with designers? Make your own company holiday card
  • Be willing to spend a little $ – your customers are investing in your services, this is a great opportunity to show your thankfulness

Want To Stay Connected with Your Customers’ Wallets?

Launch a Unique, Online Holiday Campaign

By creating a unique campaign, catered to the holiday sales season, you will be able to both gear up for the holidays and transition out of them with ease. Plus, if your business relies heavily on SEO or Google Ads, preparing for the crazy season ahead of time will only boost your holiday marketing campaigns for ecommerce. Google shares that two-fifths of online shoppers close out of websites without converting.

When you drive traffic to your website using SEO and Social to connect with customers and re-engage shoppers who have already shown interest in your products, your PPC results will naturally increase. This will raise your overall ROI, making the most of your holiday marketing campaign. Moreover, consumers will be more likely to return thanks to your visibility and search friendliness. If you’ve run a PPC campaign before, check out how the following worked to either increase or decrease your PPC:

  • Keyword performance
  • Conversion rates
  • Google Ad effectiveness
  • SEO and SEM achievement

If you can understand what made (or crashed) your last campaign, it will be easier to plan a successful holiday marketing campaign for your next launch and to keep consumers engaged.

Own Your Ad Schedule

Want to infinitely increase the power of your holiday marketing campaigns for ecommerce? By knowing the best times to run your ads, you will be able to gain web traffic previously beyond your grasp. When you know your target audience, you can offer the best services and ideas to your consumers, when and where they need them most.

Designate your ads to run at peak traffic times. Marketing to moms? Strategize to run ads and push content during the day. Trying to get the young working class? Post right after the workday (4-5pm) when people start checking their screens. Selling toys? Run ads during Saturday morning cartoons. No matter your market, by knowing your audience and running ads accordingly, you will be able to reap the benefits of increased profitability.

Is Staying Connected Really That Important During the Holidays?  

In a word – yes! Like any beneficial relationship, you need to be constantly investing in your customers for your connection with them to survive. If you’re willing to put in the work to connect with customers, they will reward you with their loyalty. By including them, thanking them for their business, and catering your campaigns and ads to meet their needs, you are building a connection that will last. If you aren’t willing to put in the work, another company will be only too happy to step up and gain your business.

Feel like you need help to build a better connection with your consumer base? We’d love to help. Contact Snap today to take your holiday marketing campaign to the next level.