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How Conversion Rate Optimization Works with SEO

By Snap Agency June 5, 2018

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO) are two vital aspects of a successful digital strategy. It is through this combination that businesses can optimize their online presence for both users and search engines alike. By starting on the right foot and beginning SEO and CRO services at the same time, companies can ensure that their online presence is receiving maximum visibility.

Because even while these two services can be impactful when executed separately, past successes have shown us how successful the combination of CRO and SEO services can be. In the past, when we applied both CRO and SEO services to a client’s needs their website, in turn, generated more conversions and engaged visitors more fully, which in turn helped to solidify their brand loyalty.   

What is CRO

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, which in the simplest of terms means optimizing a site for conversions. But you probably gathered as much. CRO is an ongoing service that companies should employ to make sure that their website is functioning as optimally as possible. The CRO process will typically start with an audit, in which a CRO expert will assess your website for any faults that may be leading to lost conversions. The aim of this audit is to uncover any gaps or missing features in your current web structure. Overall, the goal of CRO is to make a site as user-friendly as possible so that the site will yield more conversions; this can be done by modifying existing features or by adding new ones.

There are many different types of conversions that a business can choose to focus on. B2B companies typically decide to zero in on smaller conversions such as form submissions, clicks, or newsletter signups. B2C clients, on the other hand, typically work towards purchase transactions, registrations, or subscriptions. As with any marketing pursuit, the key to having a successful CRO campaign is to know your goals. Everyone wants to sell more products and be more well known, but if your pool of potential customers is comprised of only 200 businesses or your target audience is composed of 20,000 millennials, focusing on a more specific conversion than just “selling more stuff” will be incredibly beneficial. All in all, CRO optimizes a site for human behavior to facilitate more conversions. Now SEO on the other hand, that’s a whole other matter.

What is SEO

If CRO optimizes a site for human behavior, then SEO optimizes a site for search engine behavior. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of optimizing your site to be better ranked by search engines. Now, this may seem a little cold sounding, but the process of SEO is actually very personalized.

By using targeted and personalized tactics, SEO efforts work to optimize your entire digital presence to better appeal to search engines and visitors alike. An SEO expert will recommend or add features to your site that search engines like to increase your brand’s ranking and visibility. With SEO you can work to make your products or business come up first for popular queries such as “Best pizza places in Minneapolis,” or “How to rent construction scaffolding.”

How CRO Works With SEO

Combining these two key elements of digital marketing takes a skilled hand, luckily, Snap has a lot of those. And while each discipline has its own unique tactics, here are a few of the ways that we combine our SEO and CRO pursuits when helping our clients succeed online.

Defining Unique Value Propositions

Sometimes referred to as unique selling proposition, our SEO team (mostly the copywriters) will work with our CRO team to create a statement or concept that clearly describes the benefits and value of your brand. This information will be used to inform many decisions down the road from content creation to website design.

Creating Engaging Copy

Search engines love lengthy, well-informed content, while users love to-the-point creative copy. It is through the joint efforts of both CRO and SEO that we find a balance between form and feature when it comes to content. The CRO team will be able to tell you where content should go and how it should look while an SEO team will be able to tell you what it should say.

Call to Action Strategy

Call to actions (CTAs) are very important to the success of CRO. While visually pleasing images and creative content is great, without CTAs, there will be no obvious way for your visitors to take the next step in your conversion funnel.  

How CRO and SEO Services can Help you Succeed

At Snap, we’ve been helping online sellers to succeed through SEO and CRO services for years. Our team has ample experience assisting brands with creating custom SEO and CRO strategies. We’ve grown mightily since our inception. With new services joining our already impressive portfolio like Amazon marketing services, we can help your brand find success online through any number of digital marketing services. Give us a call today to learn more about incorporating SEO and CRO services into your digital strategy.