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Crushing the Ecommerce Game: Best Practices for Generating Sales

By Snap Agency February 22, 2019

We’ve touched on ecommerce before—the history behind it, the various incarnations out there, and the exponential growth of the industry. Now, we’re diving deeper by showing you how to make your ecommerce marketing strategy sing. Maybe you have a booming online store but are beginning to see a downturn in conversions. Perhaps your business is just starting out and you’re looking for ways to boost sales right off the bat. Whatever the case, the experts at Snap want to help. Here are some of our favorite ecommerce marketing tips and tricks for generating sales and ROI.

Provide Personalized Recommendations

Online advertisements have little value when thrown indiscriminately at any person who visits your site. Consumers are much more likely to interact with ads that are relevant to their unique interests. Use the data available to you, such as browsing history and duration spent on specific product pages, to provide targeted recommendations to your visitors. The trick here is to identify your various key demographics and appeal to those consumers on a level that makes them feel unique. When you have the right ads aimed at the right people, your conversion rate will go up!

Switch Up Your Online Offerings

Keep customers coming back by changing up your product offerings and online sales. If you are able to, consider adding a section with seasonal products to your ecommerce website. By keeping your website up to date with new goods and a rotating selection of seasonal favorites, you give consumers a reason to return to your site—to see what’s new.

Running sales can also entice visitors to make purchases, as well as keep them interested in future deals. Seize any opportunity that comes your way, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, and provide visitors with a sitewide coupon. You can also offer special discounts on relevant products or services depending on the time of year.

Optimize for Mobile and Voice Search

With thousands of dollars of purchases made on mobile every second, accessibility is more important than ever. Your ecommerce site should be just as easy to navigate on a smartphone as it is on a desktop computer. Test your loading speed, display, and user-friendliness often to ensure that everything works as it should. You can even give your shoppers a more streamlined and unique purchasing experience by developing a mobile app to handle all of your ecommerce transactions.

Here’s another staggering number: Fifty percent of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. View this as an opportunity to get your search capabilities up to snuff. Consider partnering with a digital marketing agency in order to optimize your website for both mobile and evolving voice search technology. This way, you can stay on the cutting edge of things, and ensure your website offers customers everything they need in terms of convenience.

Follow the Funnel

Losing visitors somewhere between them navigating to your site and then abandoning their shopping cart? Get to the bottom of things by navigating through and evaluating your conversion tunnel. Focus on the key actions you want visitors to take—such as making a purchase or visiting a certain page—and evaluate your conversion funnel. Are there any points at which the path forward becomes unclear? Broken links? Vague wording? Once you identify these points, you can go about correcting them and increasing your conversion rate. And don’t be afraid to seek help—again, a digital marketing agency can help you update your website and get it looking its best.

Debut a Loyalty Program

A loyalty or rewards program is another great way to increase your conversion rate. Offer visitors to your site the chance to join your email list, and include a discount code with your initial message. Continue to offer special deals to members, whether they be seasonal discounts or a constant membership deal. As you continue to advertise your rewards program and word gets out, you’ll attract more visitors and potential customers.

Offer Caring Customer Support

Is there anything more frustrating than being stuck on hold for hours? Don’t inflict that on your customers—instead, try putting an actual human on the line to take care of their questions and concerns. This may not always be possible, so just remember that your customer support should be as accessible and user-friendly as you can make it. If you aren’t able to offer customer support over the phone, create a support email address so that people can send in their questions. This should be supplemented by a clear FAQ on your website addressing as many common issues as possible.

Create a Stunning Marketing Strategy with Snap

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