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The Difference Between Front-End Web Developers and Back-End Web Developers

By Snap Agency September 14, 2018

There are plenty of digital marketing buzzwords that you hear thrown out there without ever truly understanding them. But that’s okay, because we do. Today we’re going to talk about front and back-end developers, the difference between the two, and how their knowledge factors into the creation of your website.

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Front-End Developers

There is a good chance you’ve heard of both front-end and back-end developers. However, what exactly is the difference between the two?

Well, to put it simply, front-end works with what you see and interact with on the screen, while back-end works with how the website content is stored and delivered to the browser. To get more in-depth, front-end developers are responsible for the browser, or the “client side” of a website, which are the aspects that you interact with as well as the visual elements you see. This individual will program the browser and then the browser will take action from there. A front-end developer writes client-side scripts which are used for requests that don’t need to go to a database in which case a user’s browser will take of the request on its own.

For example, any buttons, drop down menus, videos or images that appear on a page, the front-end developer is in charge of. Overall, think of it as the look and feel of the site. A front-end developer will be fluent in Javascript, HTML, and CSS when it comes to coding languages.

Note: a lot of people will confuse front-end developers for web designers, but they are not the same. While there is some overlap in terms of their roles, they are separate entities.

Back-End Developers

When it comes to back-end developers, they are the ones who will be integrating the front-end elements into the application. They work with the more interactive and in-depth portions of a website. This is known as the “server side” of a website, and a back-end developer writes server-side script, which involves requests on a browser that require Javascript and AJAX to the “back end” (servers and database). Once the server script receives a request, it searches the database for the information it needs and then send it back. So, this position requires making sure that the functionality of the website is in tip-top shape and that the database is void of any inefficiencies.

Back-end developers will work with dynamic sites, ones that change frequently and need to be updated constantly. Examples of information that would need to be dug out from the database would be customer profiles or blog posts. In order to accomplish this, a back-end developer should have knowledge in Java, PHP, and Python programming, as well as experience with HTML and CSS.

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