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How Does a Digital Agency Drive SEO Results?

By Snap Agency March 5, 2019

Whether you need some support over on your social media channels or help building up your  blog content, partnering with a digital marketing agency is a great way to boost your marketing efforts. But how, exactly, does an agency make that marketing magic work? What goes into pushing your website higher in search engine results? It’s more complex than waving a wand, we can promise you that!

Snap has been unlocking the secrets of search engine optimization since 2003, utilizing everything from conversion optimization to keyword research in order to increase organic search appearances and lead generation for businesses across the nation. Now, we’re breaking down all the hard work that goes into SEO, so that you can better understand how a marketing agency works to produce those coveted results. Here’s the Snap approach to search engine optimization.


Your job is to keep your company running smoothly. Our job is to get you found by the right people. In order to do that, we first need to get to know your brand and the business behind it. Our initial discovery process fills us on in who you are, what you stand for, and where you want your company to go. Your business objectives ultimately give us a clear picture of our own priorities moving forward.

Once we understand the intent behind your goals, we check out your industry’s search landscape. What are your ideal customers searching for? What keywords perform best? What are your competitors up to—are they performing particularly well for certain search terms?

In addition to these general research questions, we perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your website. This shows us how you’re currently performing in front of search engines and allows us to identify opportunities for improvement. Ultimately, this in-depth research allows us to set specific goals for our SEO efforts. These goals can be anything from increasing your conversion rate to attracting customers with higher lifetime value.


Next, we build a plan of attack for reaching those goals, but that’s not as simple as it sounds! Our clients don’t get a cookie cutter approach; we create a customized SEO strategy tailored to each business’ unique needs, current brand position, and business objectives. During this stage, we set up analytics tracking, target portions of your website to improve, and mine your online presence for hidden gold. Afterwards, we’ll agree on a plan to boost your search engine rankings and achieve your goals.


Time to execute! Here are the main components that we’ll use to increase your site’s performance.

Technical Markup

Those little bits of description in page titles and metadata may seem insignificant, but they pack quite the punch. Technical markup involves distilling your company down to its essence, then capturing that essence in so many characters. By creatively crafting ranking factors like page titles, heading tags, and ALT attributes, we’ll let consumers know that your website holds exactly the information they’re hoping to find.

Content Marketing

Creating and sharing high-quality content can position you as an expert in your industry in the eyes of consumers and search engines alike. The right kind of content—such as purposefully targeted FAQs, imagery, and blog posts—brings the right kind of traffic to your website. Our SEO and copywriting experts will ensure that the language on your blog and website is people and search crawler-friendly.

Link Building

Another crucial part of optimizing your site for search engines is smart link building. Securing backlinks tells Google and other engines that you are a credible source that deserves to be shown to internet users. During a competitive audit, our SEO team will uncover what your competitors are doing well, and determine how you can do it better.


Whew! That was a ton of great work, but we’re not done yet. Since so much of digital marketing is done behind the scenes, we want to make sure that you see the value of those efforts in the form of positive ROI. If you remember, we set some goals (like increasing your conversion rate) way back during the discovery process. We also set some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which allow us to measure the success of your SEO strategy through cold, hard numbers.

KPIs are directly related to your business objectives and come in a variety of forms. Just about anything that can be quantified counts, so long as it lines up with your company’s goals. That means you can use data like website traffic, click-through rate, and conversion rate to gauge the progress of your SEO efforts.

Unlock Your Winning Marketing Strategy with Snap

Successfully marketing a business is no easy task, so why go it alone? Give your business the benefit of knowledge and SEO best practices from people who have been doing this for a long time? The experts at Snap are eager to boost your brand and help you hit your marketing goals. Give us a call today to talk about our variety of invaluable services, from social media marketing to professional web design.