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Digital Marketing Myths That May Surprise You

By Snap Agency March 30, 2021

You’d be shocked at the number of digital marketing myths out there. In fact, there’s a good chance you believe one (or two, or three) of them yourself without even realizing it. That being said, it’s time to set the record straight.

Myth #1: You Should Avoid Negative Feedback at All Costs

We know you’d love to have positive customer feedback 100% of the time; who wouldn’t? But let’s face it, a negative review here and there is inevitable. The silver lining is that negative reviews are an opportunity to show a wider audience how you handle sticky situations. You can respond publicly, courteously, and provide both tangible solutions and contact links to customer care. And from then on, think of it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Myth #2: SEO is a One-Time Process

One of the most common SEO myths is that if you plop the right keywords into your content and backlink here and there, web traffic will come flooding in. In other words, it’s a “one and done” deal. That is, of course, not the case.


We know, we know, you want to see results quickly—who wouldn’t? On average, SEO starts to generate ROI around 4-6 months into the campaign, so it’s crucial to develop a long-term keyword strategy. Whether that means downloading SEO keyword tools, examining a case study or two, or partnering with digital marketing experts, your patience will be well rewarded.

Myth #3: Sending the Same Email More Than Once Annoys Your Customers

Seems logical, right? We’ve all been the victims of annoying spam email campaigns. As far as email marketing myths go, this one sounds pretty legit.


Here’s the catch: you can send emails more than once, as long as you have a good reason for doing so. Though, you may want to stick to sending these emails just once more. We also recommend updating the subject line to boost open rates the second time around.


For our purposes, sending the same email is often synonymous with remarketing. Perhaps the customer did open the first email and had been giving it some thought before making a purchase. Remarketing grabs that customer’s attention while their interest is still high and gives them the little extra nudge they need. Sure, the email’s subject line and content have been tweaked here and there, but you’d be surprised at how effective the same message can be in newer packaging.

Myth #4: Social Media is a Waste of Time for No-Nonsense Businesses

If you’re, say, a manufacturer or a professional service provider, your business’s technical jargon doesn’t really mesh well with TikTok or Instagram, right? Not so. As a matter of fact, social media is a fantastic way to humanize your business and break down what you do for a mainstream audience. It’s also a chance to network with like-minded professionals and tell your story visually. 


Are we saying you need to learn the latest TikTok dance craze or catch up on all the latest Gen Z slang? Definitely not—especially if that’s not your target demographic—but bonus points if you do.

Myth #5: You Don’t Need an Online Presence if Your Competition Doesn’t Have One

This digital marketing myth is especially prevalent among small businesses, where a whopping 60% did not have a website in 2018. Maybe it’s not the norm to have a web presence in your field, but don’t you want to stand out from your competition? Any way you slice it, a web presence is hugely convenient for your customers—especially with so many of us shopping from home a year into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Myth #6: The Only Way to Boost Traffic Is to Spend a Lot of Money

You’d be surprised at how cost-effective digital marketing can be. For one, email marketing as a whole is famously inexpensive. Many SEO keyword research tools are free. Bidding prices on PPC keywords may be pricey one day but relatively inexpensive the next. Evaluate where your company needs a boost and determine how much you’re willing to spend from there. More often than not, you’ll find a marketing plan that fits your budget.

Snap: Debunking Digital Marketing Myths Since 2010

There’s a lot of false information out there regarding email campaigns, SEO, social media, and other forms of digital marketing. We’re here to help you separate fact from fiction and create your most effective digital presence yet. Come chat with us and see why we’re the best at what we do. And no, that’s not a myth.