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8 Digital Marketing Tools to Check out in 2017

By Snap Agency January 31, 2017

There’s no shortage of digital marketing tools available. While this is great if you like to play around with the latest mobile application, the sheer number of marketing tools out there can sometimes be too much to soak in. If you’re like us, you probably download a new tool, use it for a while, then completely forget about it in the weeks following.

The best digital tools are ones you’ll actually use daily. Start the year off right with our guide to the best digital marketing tools in 2017.



You want to publish a lot of content on your site. You also want your pages to load quickly. The problem is images, such as ones in your blog posts, can slow down your page load times.

Compress JPEG is a quick and easy tool that compresses images down to the lowest possible size. This can drastically reduce page load time. Decompressing your existing images is probably not worth your time if your website has a long history of large images, but if you start compressing new images from now on, your site performance will be looking good at the end of the year. Your content will be rich with images but your pages quick to load.


Did you make a New Year’s resolution to include more video in your marketing? Biteable lets you create videos for viral campaigns, especially social media campaigns. The tool is very easy to use, free and even fun.

This is a great choice for social media marketers looking for a quick and simple way to create high-quality video with footage, audio, music and text.


Headline generators can be hit or miss. You still have to know what elements are required to make a headline successful. But Title Generator is a great way to get your creativity flowing.

This tool is simple to use. Input a word and you’ll get 700 titles and topic ideas. As you might expect, they’re not all winners. But reading through this exhaustive list is bound to spark a good idea or two.


This is a great tool for anyone who uses a lot of email marketing. While email marketing has its uses, many people are switching to text marketing. This might be the year to switch, too.

SlickText is an easy way to create a text marketing campaign. You can create drip campaigns, picture messages, text-to-win contests and more.


Webinars are often a hassle to set up and run, but they’re also a necessary part of life for many internet marketers. WebinarNinja aims to make webinars easier. The platform is simple yet powerful. In just five minutes you’ll get the basics. It’s a great source for online personalities and influencers, and it also works well for B2B situations.


You’re already optimizing your site for mobile. The problem is that there are lots of different types of mobile devices out there. Mobile Moxie lets you select practically any type of major brand and model. You can then view any URL of your choosing from the perspective of that smart device. Take the guesswork out of mobile optimization.


This site lets anyone sign up to help out a reporter. You provide a brief biography of your expertise. If a reporter needs an expert in your area, they just might contact you.

This can actually be a valuable PR tool. If you’re in the news as an expert in your industry that can really boost your brand credibility and authority (and maybe even snag a sweet backlink). Both potential customers and search engines will tend to respond favorably.

Have you discovered any marketing tools you plan to use in 2017? What about any tools you used throughout 2016? Share your favorites (and your least favorites) in the comments below.