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Do Professional Service Providers Need Social Media?

By Snap Agency August 6, 2020

Professional service providers often pass over social media when building their digital marketing strategy. If you’re struggling to build visibility and brand recognition, however, you may want to take another look at this channel. In a world in which 74% of Facebook users and over 50% of Instagram users check their feed daily, professional services marketing can absolutely benefit from incorporating strategies for popular social media platforms.

You may be thinking: “But I’m a doctor/lawyer/accountant! All of this social media talk is mind-boggling! How can I become an expert in social media strategy when doctoring/lawyering/accounting is what I’m good at?” Trust us—you’re more than capable of mastering this. Take a look at our suggestions below to find out how you can become a social media-savvy professional.

Before Each Post, Ask Yourself, “Why Does This Matter?”

In other words, why is the information your professional service provides valuable? Does it offer insight into the finer details of what your business accomplishes? Are you establishing a credible, authoritative online presence? Is your content interesting or entertaining—in other words, will your audience be glad they saw you in their feed, or feel like you’ve just wasted their time?

Case in Point: Archinect

Archinect has worked to make architecture more open-minded and innovative since 1997, and it certainly shows in their social media strategy. They recently partnered with the @ShesTheArchitect Instagram account, offering stunning visuals that celebrate women’s achievements in architecture. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, architecture was once a solely (and still is a heavily) male-dominated sphere. Showcasing the contributions of these talented women is a valuable use of the firm’s social media presence.

You’re Creating Content, Great! Is It Humanizing Your Business?

Okay, that title sounded a little cheeky, but we’re completely serious—humanizing your professional services firm is essential if you’re working to grow your audience. Luckily, social media is just the place to do that, through photos, videos, written content, and more. 

Say, for example, that you interspersed those litigation-related blog posts with the occasional “here’s how we got involved with our community recently” video post. Or perhaps you could host a webinar giving an in-depth breakdown of just what your service, or a sector within your service, does on a typical day. If those options sound intimidating, start with something simple: what if you were to like, share, or respond to someone else’s content? You could even share a video about an employee that’s 70% about them as a person, and 30% about their job. If your viewers are still interested after that, chances are they’ll start digging deeper and clicking around your social media platform even more.

Case in Point: Wings Financial

When we think of credit unions, we don’t typically think of warm, fuzzy interactions. Wings Financial, however, is shifting that paradigm. One look at their Facebook page and you’ll find a vast array of fun, palatable content. Recently, Wings even shared a coloring contest as a part of their Member Appreciation Week. And don’t even get us started on their celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17th! Suddenly, managing your finances actually sounds like it could be fun. And if it’s not, businesses like Wings are endeavoring to make it that way, and that certainly counts for something with viewers.

Are You Networking With Others?

Look, we get it. Networking and chatting with other professional services firms can be intimidating, but someone has to make the first move. Sites like LinkedIn have 690 million other users looking to do the same thing, and chances are, many of them are feeling a little shy as well. So start sharing others’ content, commenting on their posts, or tweeting open-ended questions to other businesses and individuals. What’s more, the greater number of people you’ve included in the wider conversation, the more insight you’ll have on how your business is doing from an outside perspective.

Case in Point: BKBM Engineers

One look at this Minneapolis-based engineering consultant’s LinkedIn page, and you’ll see a team of networking experts. Whether they’re resharing content from housing project companies or thanking other engineering businesses for all their hard work, BKBM certainly takes the “active and conscious role” they pride themselves on in their About section. Talk about broadening the conversation around engineering here in the Twin Cities and beyond!

Snap: Social Media Marketing for Every Type of Professional Service

Do you have a grand vision for implementing your professional services marketing strategy but need a little extra push to get going? At Snap, we’ll show you how to build a social media strategy that’ll help you stand out as thought leaders in your field. Contact us today to get in touch with the team that will make your goals a reality.