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Do SaaS Companies Need PPC Marketing?

By Snap Agency July 21, 2020

When you get right down to it, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a pretty compelling concept. For one, it offers a productive, collaborative environment that’s allowed many of us to transition to a work-from-home setup during COVID-19. From transportation to medtech to manufacturing, we have to wonder: where would the modern workplace be without the cutting-edge SaaS companies that are changing the game?

The problem, though, is that “subscription-based, centrally hosted software” doesn’t always get the hype it deserves. Your average consumer might not know what keywords yield the most relevant SaaS search results, especially when they’re thinking about their specific needs and not necessarily how those needs can be met by SaaS platforms or capabilities. PPC advertising is a great way to bring your product to their attention. 

Let’s take a look at what this tactic can do for SaaS companies, and how to tell if it’s right for yours.

How Do I Know If SaaS Is the Right Fit for My Digital Marketing Needs?

Is it time to invest in a top-tier SaaS marketing strategy—one that includes a strong PPC strategy? Take a look at some of the FAQs we’ve compiled below to find out!

Do I Have Valuable Content to Promote?

Although companies are spending, on average, 45% of their marketing budget digitally, they still need to be smart with allocating that money. This means that if they’re dipping into that PPC portion of the budget to pay for numerous ads and clicks, they’d better be seeing ROI.

If you’re offering free trials left and right, PPC may not be the best fit. It’s awfully hard to convince someone to sign up for a free trial when they don’t already have a good sense of what your SaaS platform does. On the other hand, if your SaaS marketing strategy provides a rich, content-heavy experience, PPC is an excellent option.

How can you convert those PPC clicks to SaaS sales? Step one, make the sign-up process a straightforward one, so consumers don’t get frustrated and click away immediately. Step two, offer up that downloadable content and promote it to the ends of the earth: ebooks, whitepapers, PDF cheat sheets, all of it. You know, stuff your customers will need down the road and be grateful for, once they do purchase that SaaS and experience that inevitable learning curve.

Will I Be Using PPC Ads to Educate Potential Buyers?

PPC for SaaS works best when you’re directly answering customer queries—tapping into exact trains of thought and providing solutions within your ads and your product.

Ask yourself: what does my SaaS company offer from a functional standpoint? Would my buyers necessarily be aware of all these great features? If not, talk a little bit about them on your site, and answer the shortened version of those questions in—you guessed it—your ads.

Now, place yourself in the customer’s shoes. What would you type into that search bar when looking for SaaS that offers what your platform offers? What full sentences, keyword phrases, or stand-alone keywords would you search? Would someone typing in these keywords and keyword phrases be happy (or at least intrigued) to see your PPC ad smack-dab at the top of their screen? 

If the answer to that question is no, reevaluate what your SaaS platform does best, put that into words, and pull new keywords and FAQs out from there. You may even find that working through these vital components of a PPC strategy enables you to refine your brand identity.

Is My SaaS Platform in Serious Need of Some Brand Recognition?

Another tricky thing about SaaS is that it’s hard to build up that loyal fan base. Sure, many of us with office jobs have heard about MailChimp, DropBox, and so on, but many other software services don’t have us offering heart-wrenching loyalty upon hearing their name alone. In other words, if you’re ready to get the word out about your SaaS platform and really get those potential customers to care, a PPC strategy is a smart move.

For one, PPC ads can still be fruitful even if they don’t immediately result in clicks. Your potential customer is still seeing the ads and may unconsciously commit them to memory. Boom. Brand recognition. The numbers really speak for themselves: brand awareness can be boosted by an unbelievable 80% solely with a PPC ad, clicked on or otherwise. That’s insane ROI, when you think about it.

But we’re talking about building loyalty here, not just making people remember a logo, so your PPC ad should tap into why your product matters in as few words as possible. Younger generations—the up-and-coming generations of office workers—care more about company values than ever, which includes social stances and fighting for a cause. Speaking out and emphasizing how your SaaS allows for a more meaningful, collaborative workplace (and world!) is a great move, even if making such claims is a little intimidating at first.

Spoiler Alert: Yes, SaaS Companies Need PPC Marketing

SaaS and PPC are the ultimate duo, but getting the most out of those PPC ads can be tricky. If you’re looking for talented writers ad ad strategists to craft campaigns with compelling slogans, optimal keywords, and data-driven content to get you the most bang for your buck, contact Snap today. The next generation of loyal, educated SaaS users is waiting for you—let us help you connect with them.