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How to Drive More Calls to Your Business During the Holidays

By Snap Agency October 24, 2018

The holiday season is right around the corner, business owners everywhere can feel the biggest revenue months looming. If you’re involved with a business that relies heavily on phone calls to promote services or increase conversion, this dread can be exponentially increased. Holiday marketing campaigns and SEO for the holidays can be some of the most difficult pieces of advertising to execute during the year.

Consumers are either rushing to complete last-minute shopping, are busy with their families, or are just plain checked out and ready for some paid vacation. For this reason, you need to step up your SEO game and holiday marketing campaigns to make sure you cast as wide an advertising net as possible. Keep reading to see some of our best holiday marketing tips, and to find a few new ways to drive more calls to your business.

Are Calls Really Still Important?

Yes! Entrepreneur tells us that if anything, calls and mobile friendliness have become increasingly more important within the last five years. Consumers are now well versed in conducting ecommerce transactions on-the-go: nearly every American is walking around with a smartphone in their back pocket. In order to survive in the ever-advancing technological world, we need to adapt in order to successfully drive phone traffic to our business. So driving calls is important? How do I do that? We’re glad you asked.

Create Good Holiday Offers

We’ve all seen advertisements that boast something along the lines of “All TV’s 40% Off,” in stores or online only to read the fine print and notice that the “original” price was just increased to make it seem like we’re are getting a good deal. A key holiday marketing tip to keep in mind is that consumers are smart. If your campaigns are anything like the above, you won’t be seeing your phone lines light up. However, if you use SEO, SEM, and social campaigns to highlight real, good deals, consumers will bite and give you a call.

Use Google Ads To Your Advantage

In order to run a successful business, it is imperative to know your customer base. By catering your social and PPC ads around your customer base, you will naturally drive more calls to your business. Trying to attract high-schoolers? Don’t run ads during school hours. Catering to moms? Running ads during the day would work well in this case.

Even before you can create and run these Google Ads, SEO work must be done. We’ve already covered that SEO for the holidays must be approached differently, but, it also needs to be done better. Competition for consumer support and attention is at an all-time-high during the holiday season. By using your resources to build a thorough knowledge of what should be in your ads and when, they will be more successful when it comes to bringing in calls and eventual conversions.

Track Your Calls

If phone calls are a key part of your business, you need to be tracking them. Although online interactions are becomingly important, we can still pull the same level of analytics from a phone call, as we can from a well placed Google Ad. Well, we can get close at least. By tracking your calls, you can analyze every aspect of call performance: which ads are converting best to phone calls, how website traffic affects your call ratio, what times your call volume is highest, etcetera. By tracking your calls, you will learn what strategies work best (and also worst) for your business, improving your overall performance.

Make Your Website Call Friendly

If you’re trying to contact a business via their website, nothing is more bothersome than navigating page after page to find their phone number. With the average attention span being declared only 6 seconds in early 2018, it is more important than ever before to make your information easily available. While having a “Contact Us” page on your site is an easy place to make your phone number available, there are many other ways to make your number available.

Consider placing it in the header or footer of your home page, or sticking it on all consistent landing pages. You can also drop your contact information into content using hyperlinks. Some companies even create fun Google Ads or cater their SEO for holiday campaigns around promoting crucial information – like your company phone number.

Are Your Phones Ringing Yet?

We hope these holiday marketing tips have increased your confidence regarding how to drive more calls to your business during the holidays. If you’re still unsure about your plan, or just want some help when it comes to driving more calls, or need assistance with anything digital marketing-related, give Snap a call. We would love to sit down with you and help figure out how to take your digital strategy to the next level.