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A Couple Seconds from ‘Add to Cart’ – 15 Point Product Page Checklist

By Snap Agency October 1, 2015

Clearly making sure your product page is optimized for the most click-throughs is highly important. We want to decrease the friction and get people to buy. Here are 15 questions you can answer that will help you get your product pages optimized for conversions:

1. Does the page have big high quality photos

2. Is the product’s delivery time very clearly shown?

Clearly show delivery time

3. Are the ‘Unique Value Propositions’ quickly and concisely shown?

4. Are the ‘UVP’s’ clear and concise, and not vague and verbiose?

5. Does your product page make it easy to leave reviews and suggest it?

6. Does your product page look great on mobile as well?

7.  Is the product page rid of any automatic scrolling elements that strike people as ads and distract?

8. Is your call-to-action button such as ‘add to cart’ above the fold, so that it could be clicked right away without the visitor scrolling?

9. Is your headline or <h1>Heading</h1> for the product page super clear and set up for search engines to identify what the page’s content is about.

Clear Headlines for Conversion Rate Optimization

From 21 Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices for Beginners on Visual Website Optimizer

10.  Does your key Call to action button have a stark contrast from the rest of the page, drawing the visitors eye to it?

11. When appropriate is there visually prominent bullet points with the key benefits to the viewer right above the call to action? 

12. If you have a wide social media following, have you placed the like or follow button around the call to action, showing your number of followers or likes? Doing this can act as social proof.

13. Have you added any security badges in clear view to demonstrate your company’s commitment to keeping their information safe?

14. Have you shown any badges for places you’ve been featured, places where you have high reviews (yelp?) or industry specific organizations that may be relevant to their purchasing decision?

15. Do you have live chat enabled on the site to decrease friction if they have an unlisted question they need answered?



Thank you for checking out our “conversion rate optimization checklist for your product page,” feel free to also check out our deeper Guide to Conversion Optimization resource as well.