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eCommerce Color Schemes That Influence Buying

By Snap Agency September 26, 2013

When considering a design for an eCommerce website, there is one element that needs to be taken more seriously than most people think; color. Color has the power to affect mood, behavior, and the impression that your site leaves on its visitors. In fact, 85% of shoppers place color as the primary reason for purchasing a particular product as opposed to its competitor. When selling your product online, you will want your site to reflect both your company as a whole and influence shoppers in the appropriate way.

Another study suggests that people make a subconscious judgement about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. (KISSmetrics.com). Knowing this information, you have to examine the mood you want your site to portray, how that relates to your product, and who will be shopping for your product.

Colors and their Influence on eCommerce Behavior

pie chart with color and ecommerce buying psychology

Yellow: Optimistic, Youthful, and used to attract the attention of shoppers to a particular product.

Red: This color is energetic and creates a sense of urgency. Red is used to highlight sales or clearance items and proves catch the eye of impulse shoppers.

Blue: Makes shoppers feel trusting and calm, often used in banks and will attract budget shoppers.

Green: Often associated with wealth and relaxation; Green, like blue, will also attract budget shoppers.

Orange: Implies a call to action and can sometimes come off as aggressive. Tends to appeal to impulse shoppers.

Pink: Often used to imply feminine or romantic, pink appeals to traditional buyers the most.

Black: This is one of the most powerful colors and is often associated with luxury products. Works as one of the most influential colors for impulse buyers.

Purple: Beauty, royalty, and soothing all describe purple.

After choosing a color theme for your eCommerce website that you feel reflects the way that you want your visitors to feel and still matches the tone of your business, make sure that all of the type can be read easily and the colors still look good on mobile devices. Also, keep in mind that colors can increase brand recognition by 80% and consistency in your color branding can effect the sales of a product immediately.