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Why Email Marketing (Still) Matters in 2019

By Snap Agency January 12, 2019

With technology developing faster seemingly by the second, evolving marketing and advertising methods have left industry professionals questioning if email marketing, viewed by some as a dinosaur of digital communication, is still worth the allocation of their marketing budgets. At Snap, we’re proud to support businesses of all sizes, across all industries, by helping to build and provide the skills needed to thrive in the digital marketing world. Keep scrolling to explore why email marketing is still one of the smartest investments you can make this year.

Longevity Speaks For Itself

Despite the rise in alternative marketing channels like social media, research shows that email marketing still pulls in an average ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. These profit margins might seem surprising to some, but plenty of marketers continue to take advantage of this valuable method; up to 86% of B2B marketers still optimize email campaigns to create new opportunities for growth and handle existing business! Email marketing actually has the potential to perform even better this year thanks to tech-savvy businesses who are learning tricks that naturally increase the value of their email marketing.

Thanks to innovative improvements including specific dedication to digital marketing, better-informed audience targeting, and quality content creation, businesses can quickly and efficiently send personalized marketing materials to targeted portions of their customer bases. Email marketing campaigns can be used to reach out to particular groups of customers, or even individuals, sending them unique messages based on their interests, needs, and even recent search inquiries.  While marketing channels like Facebook and Instagram have their perks, few of them can match the proven reliability or profitability of email marketing.

Text-Only Emails Are Underrated

Many companies have lost sight of the value of seemingly simple, text-only emails, viewing them as inferior to flashy Snapchat stories or an expensive Facebook ad. After all, why would you settle for snippets of simple text when you could fill an email or a sidebar with eye-catching imagery, gifs, crazy fonts, or video? This attitude is understandable, especially in light of the increasing difficulty of capturing – and keeping – audience interest. But flashy imagery and vibrant video content can look and feel like advertisements. In a day and age when every consumer is an expert at tuning out ads, give your email marketing recipients a change of scenery by embracing the dinosaur and sending out some old-fashioned, text-only emails.

A thoughtful, text-only message should come across to your consumers as an invitation to personally interact with your brand. In contrast, a mass-produced email blast, complete with complex language and obnoxious ads, falls flat in a content-saturated inbox. In addition to adding a refreshing simplicity for your customers benefit, text-only emails are both cheaper to finance and easier to create than those with complex content like bold fonts or video. The key to the success of these simple messages is brilliantly targeted, personalized copy, so get your best writers on the case!

Personalization Matters More Than Ever

Text-only emails can break can break up the impersonal feel of a brand, and so can personally catering your email marketing strategy to individually appeal to every recipient! By segmenting your consumer base into recipient pools, you can better cater your language and ads to fit specific preferences and build a connection between your brand and the consumer. The content and language used within your email marketing campaign are just as vital as the time you put into segmenting your email blast list. For this reason, it’s crucial that the offers you promote (and the wording or images chosen to promote them) align with the interests and needs of the segment you’re targeting.

Forbes stresses the importance of giving consumers the ads they want, increasing the personalization every consumer craves. In a day and age when ads and offers are waiting around every proverbial corner, digital marketers must know their consumer base in order to create a personalized advertising experience that is both enjoyable to the consumer and profitable for the marketer. Forbes uses Pinterest as an example of this personalized, integrated marketing: “[Pinterest] is already creating an environment where users ask to be advertised to. Promoted Pins show up in relevant searches and look just like regular Pins [….] They don’t interrupt or distract Pinners … Users don’t even consider Promoted Pins to be advertisements because they help users find the ideas and solutions they came to Pinterest for in the first place.” Pinterest understands what its user base wants, and provides something that benefits both parties. Find similar ways to personalize your email marketing campaigns for your customers, and they’ll be happy to see your messages pop into their inbox.

Make the Most of Your Email Marketing

Want some help reaping the benefits of email marketing? Call or message us today. The self-proclaimed digital marketing nerds at Snap are eager to assist you in developing a better, more cost-effective email marketing strategy for your business!