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Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital growth company. For over 15 years, we’ve been developing email marketing services that deliver outstanding results.

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Right now, you might be thinking, “How can your email marketing services support growth for my business?” Here’s the scoop:


Did you know that email marketing provides an average ROI of $44 for every dollar spent? At Snap, we use insights like that to craft proprietary strategies that maximize clicks, engagement and ROI. That’s why B2B and B2C brands across the country count on us for email marketing that makes a meaningful difference.

In other words, we’re here to take the stress and uncertainty of email marketing off your plate—so you can stay focused on your business.



To succeed in the business world, you have to reach out to customers where they’re most likely to respond. And did you know 77% of consumers list email as their preferred way to receive marketing messages? The second preferred channel—direct mail—clocks in far behind it at only 9%. That means it’s time to invest in one of the most cost-efficient and impactful types of digital marketing: email.

At Snap, we’ve spent over 15 years mastering the field of email marketing—which plays an essential role in the growth of many of our clients. What’s our secret? To start, we test new email marketing strategies for our own business—and leverage the best ones for our own clients. The result? More targeted, consistent and impactful results from your digital marketing dollars.
If you’re a business looking to increase online leads or sales, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve helped a vast range of B2B and B2C brands grow across a variety of industries, making us a premier provider of email marketing services across the nation. Together, we can create personalized messages that drive conversions and brand loyalty.


At the most basic level, email marketing is the process of sending messages through email to promote products or services. Good email marketing, on the other hand, is the process of building stronger relationships with customers through strategic online messages—which may contain business requests, advertisements, or even words of appreciation.

At Snap, we’re experts at using highly personalized email messages to connect with and engage your audience. To do that, we gather powerful insights into what your customers need, segment them based on needs and interests, and craft tailored creative messages to engage each group.

Our goal is to deliver the same compelling personality, expertise and voice your business offers through in-person engagements across your email marketing. And to do that, we need to know your business very well. That’s why we work closely with your internal team to ensure your email marketing acts as a natural extension of your brand.


The tenants of email marketing are pretty simple: deliver exciting and valuable messages to customers (without spamming them) and they’ll reward you with sales. Easy to say, tough to do—unless you’ve got the right people in your corner.

Our approach to email marketing is pretty simple, too. Once we have a strong understanding of your brand and customers, we build out beautiful email templates that match your brand. These can be fully customized around different customer segments, promotions or products based on your needs. We even optimize these to maximize clicks with A/B testing—and make them fully compatible with your website and CRM software. Best of all, we provide monthly reporting of results for each campaign—so you can actively measure the impact and ROI of our email marketing.



  • To be effective, your marketing emails need to capture the interest of customers—and match the voice of your brand. That’s why we start each email marketing campaign with dedicated research. (We’re a data-driven agency, after all.)

    We use a range of research tactics to better understand your brand and customers, ranging from simple interviews to detailed user personas. If you have current team members handling your online content, we’ll touch base with them to ensure the voice and tone of our templates match up—and if not, we’ll create guidelines for you. In either case, we tailor all messaging around your target audiences to maximize impact. Our research efforts may include:

    • Brand questionnaires
    • Persona development
    • One-on-one Interviews
    • Creative workshops
  • Using our research on your brand and audiences as a launching point, we dive deep into creating your customized templates. Each of these can be tailored around a specific product, service or audience—depending on your goals for the campaign. We’ll also leverage a variety of creative assets for these templates, including images, creative copy and strategic CTAs.

    Snap’s team of creatives excel at creating unique marketing emails that align with specific B2B and B2C audiences. Our research and persona-based approach ensure that all of our content aligns seamlessly with your organization and its distinct personality. Most importantly, we leverage A/B testing across all of your emails to ensure they get clicks and perform well with your intended audiences. So whether you’re looking to push a certain product, compel specific receivers to invest in a service, or simply increase brand loyalty through personalized messages, Snap has you covered.

  • Alright, so we’ve built out all of these gorgeous templates and filled them with conversion-focused content. What’s next, you ask? Measuring the results and adjusting our efforts accordingly.

    As your email marketing partner, we offer comprehensive monthly reports across all of our campaigns. This data will give us detailed insights into which messages are excelling and which should be altered.

    Despite what many “experts” predicted years ago, email is far from dead. In fact, for many clients taking advantage of our email marketing services, this channel ends up being one of their highest-converting sources for sales. And thanks to our in-depth measurement efforts, it’s easy to assess the impact of this initiative to ensure your marketing dollars are driving consistent results.


Our team here at Snap has been perfecting the art of email marketing since 2003. As a data-driven company, we don’t make any recommendations without testing our ideas and backing them up with numbers. In short, we take the time to understand what motivates your audience—and build our campaigns with that data.

With our unique combination of curiosity, experience and industry insights, we’re the perfect partner to take your email marketing to the next level.


In the right hands, email marketing drives traffic, conversions and brand affinity.


Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency that helps clients grow through time-tested email marketing strategies. Our services can help your business attract, engage and convert more customers to increase sales.

We have over 15 years. of email marketing experience.