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Client Spotlight: Fast Wax Ski Wax Launches New Magento Ecommerce Site

By Snap Agency August 13, 2013

If you’re an avid cross country ski racer, no doubt you’ve heard of Fast Wax. Some of the fastest ski racers around swear by it. Downhill skiers and snowboarders love it too. Fast Wax’s old website, however, made it difficult to purchase their ski wax online. In partnership with Snap Agency, Fast Wax launched their new Magento ecommerce website at Skifastwax.com this month. Learn more about the Fast Wax company in our exclusive interview below!

Fast Wax

Company Profile

High Speed Wax Co.
Started Production of Fast Wax products in 1993
Lake Elmo, MN

What do you do?

“Manufacturer of glide wax and waxing tools for Cross Country Skis, Alpine Skis and Snowboards.”

Who are your typical clients?

“Fast Wax has developed an easy to use cost effective product line of ski and snow board waxes focused on the Nordic racer, high performance Alpine skier and Snowboard riders.”


What makes your company different?

“Our ski & snowboard wax is precisely engineered for superior performance across a wider range of temperatures and weather conditions than other ski waxes. We guarantee it. – See more at http://www.skifastwax.com.

“Fast Wax products are engineered to work over an wider temperature range and snow conditions than our completions products. Our customers relay to us [that] once they have changed to Fast Wax they can go to skiing and boarding events knowing they have fast skis and boards even if the weather or snow conditions change.

“Fast Wax products iron in smoother, scrape out easier, and perform better than our competition’s products.

“Constant compliment is how easy our products are to use, especially our high performance line of Slick Pro Paste Waxes — the only company with a Paste Wax you can race on — and win. Several unique products that have changed how wax is applied like our Fast Wax Base Saver that has greatly simplified the application of fluoro waxes.

“Fast Wax maintains an uncompromising mission: A simplified glide wax system offering top quality products at reasonable prices and broad temperature ranges that create superior performance in changing conditions to guarantee fast skis.”

Any awards or affiliations that you’d like to mention?

“Numerous race victories at major events over the years, from top a 10 placement in the American Birkebeiner to Junior Olympic Champions High School State Champions and Master National Champions.

“In all cases the compliment was to Fast Wax and the advantage of Fast Skis.”

What did Snap Agency deliver well?

“Snap has refined our web site to finally give what we wanted with a dynamic new look combining the business end of skiing with the relational look that attracts skiers and boarders alike. We have tried for several years to get this action — look and easy flow of the information on our web site — without success.”

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