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A High-Powered WordPress Development Toolkit for WordPress Developers

By Snap Agency September 13, 2016

WordPress makes it super-easy to create and customize a website. But when it comes to creating complex WordPress websites, we need some specialized tools that can make our lives easier. Many of the WordPress developers get into situations when they need a bunch of powerful tools that can help them develop a quality and intuitive website on the go.

Fortunately, WordPress offers a complete suite of dominating WordPress development toolkit that will allow WordPress developers to build robust websites quickly and efficiently. You can easily import test posts, reinstall WordPress core, regenerate media files, etc. just by using a WordPress development toolkit.

In this blog post, I have collected the best quality of seven WordPress development tools that will help you throughout your WP development journey. So, let’s get started!

1.    Trello

Trello is an impressive WordPress development tool that lets you create, organize and prioritize your web projects in a simple, flexible and exciting way.

If you want to stay on top of your project, then you need to regulate everything in a well-organized manner. And Trello helps you create lists, and cards that you can share them with your collaborators on your board.

In fact, it allows team members to comment on your cards with ease. They can even upload and share files with you. Over the top of that, you can link your Trello account to OneDrive, Google Apps and Dropbox for free of cost.

2.    Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is a free and advanced source code editor that simplifies the development process of WordPress theme and plugin. It is written in C++ and utilizes core Win32 API and STL that provides a higher executing speed and smaller program size.

This is a next-generation tool that uses different color codes for different tags to make a bunch of complex code more readable and accessible.

With the help of this tool, a WordPress developer can write code in their native language without any hesitation. In short, Notepad ++ is fun to learn and use.

3.    WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress Theme Detector is a must-have tool for every WordPress theme developer. It is a free yet powerful tool that lets you find all the details regarding your WordPress theme and plugins that is being used by a website.

It gives you an extremely easy method of testing your installed themes to determine whether they are up to the standards or not. You can also check whether your themes can support the latest WP theme practices or not.

Overall, it is a great tool that makes the life of every WordPress developer convenient.

4.    Pixlr: Online Photo Editor

Pixlr is an excellent photo editing tool that allows WordPress developers to edit the images the way they want. It is a free online photo editor- just like having a Photoshop on the cloud.

It means you don’t need to install it on your system – it is a web-based tool. You can edit the images within a few clicks with ease. Plus, it works well with .psd files too.

You can save your files either in your Google Drive or access them on the go.

5.    Beaver Builder

Becoming a web developer is not as easy as one think. It requires a lot of knowledge, practice, and experience in writing code on an ongoing basis. If you want to showcase your masterpiece in the least time frame by creating beautiful websites, then you should use Beaver Builder tool.

It is a fantastic tool that lets you create highly-interactive and professional-looking websites, without even touching a single piece of code. It comes with an intuitive front-end page builder that allows you craft website just by dragging and dropping elements. It means you can develop a website in a matter of few minutes without any assistance.

6.    Dropbox

Dropbox is undoubtedly the best tool that lets you access your web projects from any device on the go. This saves both the time and effort of a web developer.

It is basically a cloud storage service that enables you to save and share files with ease. A web developer can use this tool to manage their work in a more synchronized way.

7.    Codecademy

This is a must-have WordPress development tool.

As a web developer, you always need to transform your creative ideas into an innovative web project. And for that, you need to keep on learning the new-age web development techniques and technologies.

In such scenarios, you should use Codecademy tool that offers free lessons on CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP programming languages.

It is an ideal tool for those who want to learn and write code in a simple and interactive manner.


The above mentioned WordPress development tools are simple, intuitive and flexible. They have the ability to make WordPress developer’s life easier and more fun. They will give them the opportunity to showcase their creative ideas to the world.

So, create your own WordPress development toolkit according to your specific requirements.