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Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Promote Your Business

By Snap Agency November 2, 2018

Believe it or not, November is here, and the 4th quarter is happening (and no, that is not just a super sly reference to the fact that football season is back). Many business owners view the 4th quarter as their chance to cash in on consumer spending, but how do you stand out in an overcrowded market?

According to Forbes, the holidays are the best time to connect with your customers, and the easiest season to promote and expand your digital marketing strategy. Although the holiday season means something different to every person, it is generally marked by feelings of overall happiness. They encourage us to tap into the seasonal high and bust out your best holiday marketing strategy because consumers are in a buying/giving mood.

To Run a Successful Campaign and Make the Most of Your Holiday Marketing Ideas:

  1. Cater your marketing to target the positive emotions of the holidays.
  2. Plan your campaigns to be exciting, so they are something your consumer base can look forward to participating in.
  3. Create a clear start and end point for your campaign so consumers know exactly what to expect.
  4. Make your campaigns personal: the more your customers feel understood/that their needs are met, the higher your ROI will be.
  5. Encourage your consumers to give back – they will buy more so they can give to others.

So, Now That I Know How to Run a Good Holiday Marketing Campaign, Remind Me Why I Should Do It?

Trust me, we understand that brainstorming, strategizing, designing, and implementing an all-new campaign takes time, and lots of work. However, we’ve seen some brands put in the work, and reap the benefits of it as their social ads, promotions, SEO, and copy all work together to make their holiday marketing strategy successful. Check out some of our favorite examples of brilliant holiday marketing, or keep reading to get some ideas of how you can make your marketing work for you this holiday season.

If Your Company Has Great Social Ads:

Learn what tricks work for you, and run with them! If you know much of your consumer base is handling their Christmas shopping while the kids are at school, schedule your ads to run during those hours. Not only are you guaranteeing an amazing user experience (because your consumers are seeing exactly the content they need, exactly when they want to see it) but you are using your dollars in a smarter way.

This post by Hubspot outlines examples of what companies did (particularly on Facebook) to make ads work for them. By seeing examples of what other companies have done – and have seen success in, plus knowing your own consumer base, you can decipher ways to not only run ads more successfully, but how to actually make them better so your traffic and conversion increase as a result.

If Promotions Are the Best Way to Engage Your Consumer Base:

Learn what promotions best when it comes to connecting with your customers, and also what types of promotions don’t work as well. No one knows your consumer base better than you do, use this knowledge to your advantage by catering to the specific needs/wants of your direct customers. Track which keywords work for you, and pack your promos with them to get the most traffic and conversions possible.

Learn how Google algorithms work, and cater your SEO so your promotions have the best exposure. Scheduling the media highlighting your promos to run at strategic times will also work in your favor, as you can target the widest gathering of your consumer base in one go.

If Your Copy works Wonders:

Copywriting can make a world of difference in creating successful content. If your copy is not on-point, your social ads and promotions will have less punch behind them. Creating excellent copy is not difficult, but it does take work and time. Put in the work to produce a steady stream of content, or take the time to revamp some older posts to make them better than new. By focusing on creating good, quality SEO copy to pair with your visual content, your holiday marketing strategy will be more successful than in years past.

Let’s Get To Promoting!

Tap into the most wonderful time of the year and make it the best quarter for you by taking your holiday marketing ideas and strategy to the next level. Grab a peppermint latte and your laptop, and get to work: your social ads, promotions, and copy will reap the benefits. If this sounds overwhelming, or you would rather sip hot cocoa with your family at home over the holidays, let the professionals take over. We can’t wait to hear from you!