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How Businesses Have Spurred Growth During the Pandemic

By Snap Agency December 23, 2020

Today we’re going to talk about companies that have not only survived COVID, but have grown as well. Now, we have a feeling that gave you pause. Companies that survived COVID? Not only that, but flourished? This all with so many of us barely treading water as it is? 

Rest assured, we’ll examine what both small and large companies did right—and how you, too, can thrive throughout the pandemic.

Small Business Success

70% of small businesses have digital marketing to thank for their continued success during COVID. Case in point: Terra Cotta, a black-owned, women-owned plant nursery in Memphis, TN, was established in early October 2020. But what exactly is Terra Cotta doing right with their digital marketing strategy?

Embracing a Niche

We don’t have to tell you that black-owned, female-owned businesses are underrepresented across the nation. They account for a mere 2.2% of companies in the US. Terra Cotta’s approach? Taking pride in those identities, and amplifying other businesses run by black women during interviews and through their digital presence.

Addressing a Need

It would be easy to succumb to the pandemic’s doom and gloom, but Terra Cotta refuses to budge. Their Instagram page’s cohesive, pastel color palette is certainly a breath of fresh air; emphasizing the plants’ therapeutic nature, even better. On top of that, the business has sewn plenty of cloth masks during shortages and arranged over digital channels to deliver them personally.

Big Business Success

Amazon was hugely successful before the pandemic—we’re talking “$920 billion in value” successful. So what accounts for their profits nearly doubling this past May? How did the company come to be worth over $1 trillion this year? It’s not as clear-cut as you may think.

Championing User Experience

Frequently, a positive user experience means more sales. And UX has become more and more critical since the pandemic began.

Think about it: with many of us stuck at home, juggling unemployment, school, and mental health during COVID, we could all use a silver lining. Amazon spearheads everything from site redesigns to timely web development to make transactions smoother than ever before. Ever wonder why their customer service is so top-notch? Or how their “Recommended for You” algorithm can be so dang on-point? You have a digital UX team to thank for that.

Taking a Stance

Amazon is skilled at taking a stance without alienating its target demographic. Doing so can be as simple as, say, committing to cleanliness during COVID-19, and making that clear on your website. Amazon has even dedicated space on their blog to address how they keep customers, employees, and communities safe during this troubling time.

Some Businesses are Thriving During the Pandemic, Great! But What About Me?

Look, we get it—we can’t all personally deliver cloth masks, and we certainly aren’t all e-commerce behemoths. Let’s break each of our suggestions down into actionable ways that you, too, can spur growth as we prepare to enter 2021. Mix and match these tactics in whatever way makes the most sense to you, given your business size, target demographic, and where you know you want to grow.

    • Embrace a niche. In other words, what makes your business unique and deserves a special spotlight? Is it the product you sell? The customers you serve? Your brand’s mission? Rave about those things through your online presence, whether on social media, an email newsletter, or through blog posts. We also recommend targeting those niche demographics in question through a thoughtful SEO keyword strategy.
    • Address a need. What does the public require from you during COVID, specifically? How can you revamp your marketing campaign to suit those needs? For example, there’s not much of a market for dine-in, family-style restaurants at the moment, but if you centered your campaign around a new delivery or takeout service . . .
  • Boost user experience. Is your landing page prim and polished, inviting customers to explore further? Are you responsive to customers’ COVID-related queries, whether through email, social media, or Google’s new Call History feature? Is your site intuitive, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing? If you answered “no” to any of the above, it’s time to call in a UX professional.
  • Take a stance. How can you address, say, your company’s very own commitment to cleanliness during COVID-19? Or, if you’re feeling bold, address relevant current events through your marketing in a way that unites your target demographic. Who knows, you may even want to center your marketing strategy around that very stance! 

Grow Your Business (Yes, Even During COVID) With Snap

Are you tired of depending solely on silver linings? Do you want to see your brand flourish—really, truly flourish—during the pandemic? Let’s develop your digital marketing approach together and make that happen. Go on, send us a message; we can’t wait to hear from you!