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How Organic Content Fuels the Paid Side of Social Media

By Snap Agency August 18, 2019

If there existed a ready-made option for driving engagement, reaching new audiences, and increasing the ROI of existing PPC efforts, brands would jump on it, right? Not exactly. A huge number of brands are neglecting organic social media—even going against the recommendations of their digital marketing teams or agencies! 

We get it. Creating original content takes time, time that business owners and small marketing teams may not have. But we think that this disregard stems from the lack of understanding of the exact benefits to be reaped here. The thing is, organic content fuels the paid side of social media in a multitude of ways. Let’s take a look, shall we?

5 Benefits of Creating Organic Social Media Content

Take it from us—organic social media is not something to be entered into lightly. You might think you’re making huge strides by posting once a week, but that will get you nowhere in terms of results. Essentially, the more you post, the more visible you’ll be. Most brands should shoot for the sweet spot of posting between two and four times per day. 

So, how exactly does diving into the organic side of social help you in terms of paid ads? Why would you waste time creating and posting content when you could simply pay to have your brand pop up in front of people? We’ll break it down. Here are just a few of the benefits of posting social content two to four times per day.

Break Into New Audiences

Organic posts allow you to break into new audiences within your followers. By creating and sharing original content, or even resharing content created by your followers, you may discover an entirely new demographic that’s interested in supporting your brand. You might see your engagement rate fall at first, but eventually, things will start to snowball, and your engagement rate will rise as you begin to reach more of your audience. And on top of appealing to your existing audience, you may find that your original posts attract new followers—53 percent of people said they’d follow a brand for creating content that resonates with them! 

Appeal to Facebook

Just as businesses follow SEO best practices to improve their search rankings, you can improve your social media performance by appealing to the platforms on which you post. High-frequency posting is a part of Facebook’s “best practices,” for example. Hitting the “post” button multiple times a day  lets the platform’s algorithm know you’re that you’re a quality brand and care about the user experience. Once you’re showing Facebook what it wants to see, you’ll actually see your cost per mile (CPM) drop on the paid side, giving you more impressions for your money.

Test Content for Free

Organic social media can act as a sounding board for your paid search efforts. If you’re posting two to four times per day, you’ll have published over 90 pieces of content in a month, which will give you a pretty clear idea of your top-performing pieces. At the end of each month, you’ll be able to see which pieces of content performed best at a glance—and then use those pieces of content on the paid side. Start with pulling your three top-performing posts and adapting them to your paid social campaigns.

Access (and Analyze) More Data

At the end of the day, more posts means more data. And more data will help you better understand and appeal to your customer base. Likes, shares, and comments will all work to show you what copy and what content works. While a consistent brand voice is important, don’t be afraid to switch up your posts to produce more feedback on your products and your brand.

Increase Customer Engagement

More posts also means more engagements. It can only benefit your brand to utilize social media as it was intended to be used. Take the time to respond to every comment, and really build a relationship with your followers. Not only will this build brand equity and follower loyalty, but it will also increase brand awareness. Even if you don’t snag new followers right away, you’ll increase brand awareness and pave the way for your paid ads.

Revitalize Your Social Game With Snap

Organic content could be just the boost you need to grow your social audience while gathering data to fuel your paid social efforts. So, why don’t more brands do it? Many small (and even larger) businesses simply lack the capacity to create and post content multiple times a day. The solution? Well, it’s us. We’ll work with you to conquer both sides of the social equation, creating exciting organic content while maximizing your social ads. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help.