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How Personalization Is Changing B2B Marketing

By Snap Agency July 3, 2019

We all wish that a good marketing strategy came with a ready-made formula for success. With the perfect combination of compelling products, a talented team, and a decent budget, anyone could execute a perfect campaign and maximize ROI. Unfortunately, no such formula exists. Effectively marketing to targeted audiences is getting increasingly difficult as consumer generations change, bringing with them new needs and preferences. These inclinations force brands and marketers to evolve, changing tactics with the times to both keep the support of existing customers and capture the attention of potential consumers (both B2C and B2B!). 

New marketing techniques (including the increasing push towards digital marketing essentials), emerging industries, and new technologies demand more engaging methods to reach both existing and potential customers. But with so many changing trends on the forefront of B2C industries, where should B2B marketers focus their attention?

Times Are Changing for B2B Marketers

By offering key technologies and tools that other businesses need to grow, B2B (business to business) companies tend to enjoy the shade provided by B2C (business to consumer) brands. In years past, this passive viewpoint worked for B2B brands since their services—like payroll or material supplying—were essential to the success of B2C businesses.

Today, the marketing world faces the challenge of keeping up with quickly-evolving social media networks and other digital advances, as well as conquering the challenges created by an emerging demand for instant gratification. To combat this quick change, an increasing number of B2B brands are adapting personalized B2C marketing concepts to more effectively reach their target niche. Is this the best next move for your business? 

Why Personalization Matters Now More Than Ever

In a world in which social media has consumers feeling lost both in the crowd and intimately known at the same time, bringing your marketing strategy down to a one-on-one level makes every website visitor, first-time buyer, and lifelong customer keep coming back for more. Don’t just “sell” your product to consumers. Instead, segment the customer experience to show why your product is perfect for them. Not them, meaning every person who happens to come across your stuff, but them, the very real person searching for the product that perfectly meets their most immediate need.

You may be thinking, “B2B companies don’t market directly to consumers, so what’s the point of this approach?” Every consumer, whether this is another company or a targeted demographic that interacts with your brand, wants to feel heard and understood. If your company isn’t currently appealing to the individual, now’s the time to start! 

Getting Personal With Your Marketing

Pivoting branded marketing material from a “product selling” mentality to a “personal advertising” mentality is a challenge. But the task becomes feasible when we analyze what works for B2C businesses. Based on our checklist below, how personalized is your marketing strategy?

Is Your Brand Voice Distinct?

Developing consistent tone and content across all platforms and social media outlets is the first step to creating a personal brand. From the actual words you use to the style of your images and the personality of your content, brand voice represents everything that makes your brand yours. If your website feels different from your Instagram, and your Instagram looks completely out of sync with your Facebook page, your brand voice could use some work.

How Healthy Is Your Online Community?

Does your company have a large social following? Whether customers engage with your brand through your newsletter, blog updates, or social posts, participation is vital to strengthening your digital presence and reaching more potential clients. If you hear crickets after sending out a compelling post, your online community is hurting. Encourage engagement through prompt, real-time customer service, giveaways, and encouraging calls to action. Take the time to check through your last week of published content. If you don’t see any of these engagement-inspiring content tricks, try working them into your next round of content and see how your audience responds.

Do Your Customers Boast About You?

Reviews are everything—even for B2B companies. In fact, 92 percent of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase your products after seeing a trustworthy review. Posting your consumers’ experiences with your offers, products, or services not only promotes your business, but also shows that real people value what you offer and that your future customers will, too. If you don’t currently showcase customer reviews on your social platforms, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to let your customers brag about you (and market for you at the same time!). 

Personalize Your Marketing Strategy With Snap

If personalizing your B2B marketing strategy feels out of reach even with the help of our handy checklist, contact Snap today. Our strategists, designers, and content writers are eager to help your company personalize your materials and take your B2B marketing to the next level.