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How to Approach SEO for Contractors in Construction

By Snap Agency May 23, 2022

Construction contractors come from different places and experiences. Some contractors are looking to build a name for themselves and grow exponentially, others simply want to sustain a decent living and find a reliable marketing solution to help with that stability.

In 2022, with much of everyday life relying on search engines, construction companies and contractors will find serious benefits from search engine optimization (SEO) assistance. So, if you’re wondering how to promote your contractor business, know that you can trust the SEO process. In this post, we’ll break down the SEO basics and how you should go about approaching them.

Know Your Target Audience

If you’ve come to the point where you’re looking for SEO help, you likely have an idea of the type of search engine users (and potential leads) you’d like to attract. Knowing your target audience is a vital step in establishing a goal-oriented relationship with your SEO service or agency.

Two elements are especially important when targeting an audience. Those are industry personas and keywords.

What Is an Industry Persona?

Consider an industry persona as the typical customer of a product or service. Marketing teams will develop profiles based on these personas to help refine the target audience for the sake of branding and SEO.

Personas can vary significantly depending on the industry. For example, one contractor may typically have clients who are middle-aged and living in suburbia, while others have a niche business targeting young people in up-and-coming neighborhoods. And then there’s the commercial contractor who has an even greater variety of personas to attract – entrepreneurs, account managers, liaisons, etc.

Why Are Keywords So Important to SEO?

Keywords are common words or phrases that search engine users type into search bars. When your SEO partner targets certain keywords, they’re targeting these commonly searched words for the sake of your website’s visibility in the searcher’s view.

For example, Jessica knows she needs a home remodeler to update her kitchen counters. So, she searches “home remodeler near me” or “affordable home contractor.” Jessica represents a persona, and her searched term is the keyword.

The SEO professional’s job is to make the construction contractor’s business visible on search engine pages when Jessica performs her search. This is often done through advertisements, technical support, and website content like blogs and optimized pages.

Find a Real Person for Your SEO Venture

In today’s age, a plethora of SEO services are easy to find and not all businesses will seek a professional’s help. The tools are widely available for owners who want to try SEO for themselves without the help of a freelancer or agency. There are resources that provide automated reporting, tutorials for understanding best practices, and easy-to-use online interfaces.

That said, cheaper, automation-oriented SEO services can be great for business owners who have the time to invest in learning the ins and outs of SEO.  But nothing can substitute the experience and industry knowledge you’d get from the help of a strategist or content marketer in SEO.

Experts will take the time to look at competitor search engine rankings and see where there’s an opportunity for your business to thrive. They also know how best to analyze keyword data and apply the best possible strategy for gaining online traffic on behalf of your website.

Going With Organic SEO? Be Patient With the Process

There are two main types of SEO. There are paid SEO and organic SEO types. You can pay to have your company show up at the top of a search results page, or you can have your SEO partner develop content for organic results.

Paid SEO is great for quick results, especially when you have someone helping you who knows what they’re doing.

Organic SEO is about becoming an authoritative resource for search engine users who are looking for services or products in your realm.

Search engines greatly reward websites and blogs that answer the questions users are asking. When you go the organic route, you establish your website as a credible source in your industry and you build a foundation for long-term success. But organic audience building requires patience. Search engines like Google need to get to know your business as a resource before they funnel users your way.

SEO for Construction Companies & Small Business Contractors

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