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How to Boost Sales on Etsy – Skyrocket your Etsy Sales

By Snap Agency September 23, 2016

Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your Etsy sales? Well.. there are some keys to successful online E-commerce that you may be neglecting. You may indeed have the best product on the market in your category but if you’re missing some of these keys to skyrocket your Etsy sales, you may be missing out on a whole chunk of the market.

How to boost sales on Etsy:

1. Add More Items for product diversity

If you only have a couple items in your store or your store isn’t being updated regularly you don’t really give people a reason to come back. Even if you have one powerhouse product that everyone loves, creating side products to get more people looking at your shop can be a strong strategy. Each item you add is another piece of your net for catching perspective shopper’s eyes.

2. Take better product photography

You likely know how big of a persuader really well laid-out photos are for you when you’re shopping, but have you ever tried to invest a little bit into the process of how you get your photos? Ideally, you can hire a professional, but even without going that route you can invest some time and buy a mid to low level digital SLR camera. Context is key – taking pictures of your products in action, or alongside other items that enhance the vibe of the photo will help more people imagine themselves using your product in a cool way.

3. Have a branded blog – where you create rich content regularly

In other words, embrace multichannel marketing! Instagram is especially great for Etsy sellers, visual medium that it is. Share those gorgeous product photos, tag your posts appropriately, and be sure your brand voice is consistent when it appears. Now add the finishing touch by sharing the link to your Etsy shop in your bio!

4. Brand your shop – and make sure it’s cute!

Etsy is a very aesthetic shopping experience. If you can create a pleasant visual “feel” for your shop, you associate your products with that quality. If you’re not a professional designer, hire a freelancer or someone you know who is a graphic designer to create your header image and establish a professional and inviting feel to your shop.

On Etsy, branding is about consistency, your logo, the header image and the way your products, logo, and shot blend together with your story. Here’s a great example: Everglow Handmade’s Etsy Shop.

How to boost your sales on Etsy?


5. Contact other sellers and see if you can get promotion on their social media accounts

You can always trade promotions with other Etsy shop owners who are trying to get cross-promotion themselves or find ways to bribe them to share your message with their followers. Your time is likely better spent on a few popular accounts rather than many lower level ones.

6. Set a regular goal for how active you’ll be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

With content that compliments your Etsy store, you can create more brand awareness and entertain and inform. Many shop owners are out there already; if you’re one of the people that’s not taking great lengths to be a social media influencer you may be at a disadvantage. It requires consistency, really tailoring your content to what the types of people who would buy your stuff like and constantly connecting with and interacting with people. It’s better if you enjoy it! If you don’t it is indeed a disadvantage, however unfair that feels.


7. Go over the top with your customer service

Even if someone has an issue with something they receive, the way you respond to that issue is more important than if you have the problem to begin with. If you do something over the top in return – like send them a new item and write a personal note, you can impress them more than if their wasn’t an issue to begin with.

8. Make sure your categories are inclusive but also very descriptive

If someone is looking for stuffed animals but you’ve named your stuffed animal category “squeezables” you might be over the top supes adorbs, but you are missing out on people at the exact time when they are looking for you.

In working on eCommerce stores on a regular basis, we’ve had to advize many different clients on the danger of either naming categories something clever, or naming something that their internal teams recognize but people on the outside wouldn’t get right away, or might take a second to recognize. By making categories obvious and easy to understand you’ll get more people hitting your shop through search, and allow people quick and easy to use navigation as well.

9. Make sure your profile is rich with “keywords”

Our entire business model is based off our insistence of making our website rich with keywords, and Etsy is no different. When people search on the home page for anything from custom wedding rings to paper goods, in 1,000’s of variations you want some of the words in their search to match up with what’s on your profile.

What does that mean?

Writing, and lots of it. Don’t skimp on the story of how you got started, your process, and any customizing abilities that you offer on items. Mention the titles of the products, categories, and variations a little more than is immediately comfortable and use synonyms – and other variations so people that type in something similar to what you offer will also find your shop. In short – go long.

10. Optimize your products description with Google’s Keyword Planner or Ahrefs

If people are searching for a particular term or product on Google, you best believe they are also searching for it on Etsy. Ahref’s is a tool generally used for Search Engine Optimization but allows you to find out what has more search volume. Super useful if you’re trying to decide whether to call your new product ‘wedding invitations’ or ‘wedding invites.’ Hint: ‘wedding invitations’ has 246,000 search volume while “wedding invites” has 6,600 search volume.

How to Boost Sales on Etsy

11. Create really friendly, and appropriate descriptions

Once again, don’t just do the minimum when describing your product. Touch on all of the things that make the product special, it’s features and the process of making it.

12. Make sure your shipping is set to global

It’s a small world – but it’s a smaller world if you can only ship to the country where you live, and your revenue will be in a cage until you can ship around the world.

13. Research as much as you can on your competitors and price your products in a mid-premium range

“Price high and Justify”

Price high and justify is an old adage that just means – the cheapest is not always the best place in the market to occupy. Rather than going for cheap, figure out why people would pay a higher price for your products and do your best to earn that spot. Be aware of all of the different options out there as much as possible, and make sure you’re the highest value for the dollar though and you’ll be positioned to get the most sales possible. Your research time on the front end will be worth it.

14. Add New Items Regularly

You want your customers to keep coming back, right? Even if you have a signature product, new side products keep things fresh and are sure to catch your shopper’s eye. What if you released a new product every week on the dot? We can practically picture your customers bouncing up and down in their seats, eagerly awaiting new product drops. Just don’t make the Etsy marketing rookie mistake and sacrifice product quality over quantity!

15. Provide Customer Care Like Nobody’s Business

Etsy sellers are truly standouts in customer care. Chances are, if you’ve made an Etsy purchase, you’ve received a personalized thank-you note at some point. You may have even received a shop coupon code or some bonus goodies with your order. What better way to make your buyers feel special?

Customer care also means communicating with shoppers. Was there a shipping delay? Let your customer know—and stay friendly, accommodating, and open to questions. Respond to reviews and let your fans know how much you appreciate their business. If there’s an issue with the final product, send a new and improved item free of charge.

Etsy: Facts and Figures

  • Etsy helped sell $346 million worth of masks during the first five months of the pandemic. In other words, 4 million shoppers came to Etsy for homemade masks alone.
  • Etsy’s revenue grew by 128% during the final quarter of 2020. That sure bodes well for 2021!
  • According to eRank, 7 of the top 10 Etsy sellers market their products in the Arts and Crafts category.
  • Etsy’s share price was up 254% as of December 7th, 2020.
  • As of September 2020, Etsy ranked 6th in leading online marketplaces, with a $14.514 million market cap. Now that’s the definition of a B2C success story!
  • 40% of Etsy shoppers buy more than one item, making it essential to add new products to your store regularly.
  • 62% of Etsy sales occur on mobile.