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How to Create a Better Converting Contact Page

By Snap Agency December 28, 2020

Did you know that you can even optimize your contact page for success? And there’s no doubt it should be; contact pages often get more views than any other part of your site. Think about it: the customers who seek out this page are ready to make the leap, call your store, pay you a visit, or something similar. If your site is a blockbuster Hollywood film, your contact page is the action-packed grand finale.

Unfortunately, many companies see contact pages as mere places to info-dump their address, phone number, hours of operation, and the like. But getting a little extra thorough with this page now can mean greater conversion rates down the road.

Is this all getting you pumped for some contact page optimization 101? Awesome! Let’s get started.


There’s no be-all, end-all method for how to make a contact page, but much like the rest of your website, the design is a pretty big factor. Read on for some of our top design tips and tricks.


Your contact page is all about breaking down barriers—customers want to know how to reach you, and doing so should be a quick, smooth process. Get straight to the point and give them precisely the info they came for. And while you’re at it, make effective use of how you balance images, multimedia, color, and white space. After all, more often than not, less is more.


Your contact page should match the rest of your website’s color scheme, layout, and general aesthetic. If the rest of your site has clean lines and a soothing color palette, design your contact page to match. If your site is more experimental with layout and color, well, you know what to do. When designing your contact page, ask yourself, “will this page be jarring for users who are already familiar with the rest of my site?” If so, make some changes.

User Experience

We really can’t overstate how important user experience is, especially now that it’s on-trend for 2021. UX factors like speed and mobile compatibility boost search rankings, and better search rankings can mean greater conversions for your contact page and site as a whole.


With 3.5 billion smartphone users out there, you’d best believe your contact page needs to be optimized for mobile. To do so, we suggest reducing the number and size of images on your contact page, where minimalism is already key. Reduced images will also prevent your layout from looking all wacky on mobile phones.


What if we told you that even a millisecond’s delay in load times could lessen conversions by seven percent? And if your contact page takes more than three seconds to load? Consider your customer as good as gone. We suggest caching your contact page to speed up load times, and as we mentioned in the previous section, reducing image size and number. 


We can’t stress enough how important it is for your contact page to have clean copy. But “clean copy” means much more than running your content through spell check, as you’ll find out below.

Effective Calls to Action

A call to action is the difference between your customer passively scrolling and actively signing up or chatting with a representative. When in doubt, go for short, sweet CTAs with strong command verbs. CTAs should also match your brand’s voice—a company with a friendly vibes header may read “Let’s Break the Ice,” while a pragmatic business may prefer a simple “Get Started” or “Request a Demo.”

Spelling, Grammar, and Word Choice

With 74% of users paying attention to spelling and grammar on sites, an A+ copywriter can make or break your brand’s credibility. Great copy on your contact page also means choosing the right words. Does your word choice keep your company voice consistent? Does your writing provoke enthusiasm and emotion? If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

Short and Sweet Content

Remember what we said about minimalism earlier? That applies to contact page copy, too. Keep those sign-up forms brief—what information do you need from your customer initially? Name, phone number, email, and a brief message are all examples of this. You can get more in-depth info from them in follow-up emails or in-person conversations later.

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