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How to Decide When It’s Time for a New Website

By Snap Agency September 24, 2013

Are you embarrassed when telling your customers to visit your website? Are you constantly apologizing for your site being down or hard to navigate? Does it load slowly and not work in certain browsers? If so, you probably need a new website.

Although the thought of building an entirely new website can be daunting, the decision to make the necessary changes can make major differences in the success of your company. Here, we’ve come up with ways for you to tell whether or not your website just needs a few simple updates or if it is past the point of saving. 

Are you Proud of Your Site?

When talking about your company to others, it is very important that you are proud to show them what it is all about. You deserve a website that reflects your company and products in the way you want it to and that includes all sorts of elements. It should be professional, easy to navigate, visually appealing, and clearly explain what it is your company does or sells. Even boring content can be conquered when it is paired with fresh graphics and design.

Does it Work?

This sounds like a basic question, but it happens very often that companies do not even notice a problem with their site until hearing a complaint from a potential customer. On all of the commonly used browsers, go through every tab, link, page, and online form to make sure that everything is working the way it should. If your site is constantly running into issues and you feel as if visitors to your site become frustrated and fatigued, then it is definitely time to make some changes. Nowadays, searching on the web is the go-to way for your potential customers to find you so you’ll want them to feel confident in your professionalism and ability to get things done.

Is Your Content Valuable?

The last thing you would want is for someone to visit your site and still not know what you do. Draw them in with the visual design and keep them there with the content. Keep your site updated and make sure that everything is an accurate reflection of your organization. A good way to test this is to have a friend who does not know much about your company go to your page and then take a survey or give feedback afterwards. If they seem confused or are still asking a lot of basic questions then it might be time for a new site.

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