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How to Get More Clients With Infographics

By Snap Agency January 20, 2021

Okay, we’re going to come right out and say it: infographic content is superior to text-only content. No, seriously—in terms of earning links, shares, and enhancing the visitor experience, infographics are where it’s at.

Maybe you’re new to the visual marketing game and want a crash course in Infographics 101. Then again, perhaps you’re an experienced brand ambassador who wants even more advice on how to use infographics in marketing. Whatever end of the spectrum you’re on, we’re here to show you why infographics matter and how they’re a fast route to earning clients.

What is an Infographic?

In the simplest terms, an infographic combines text and visuals to present a lot of information quickly and clearly. Infographics also help break down potentially challenging subject matter into short, digestible chunks for your audience.

Why We Love Infographics (And You Should Too!)

We’ve narrowed our (frankly, quite long) list of reasons we love infographics down to some of our top favorites. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

We’re a Visually-Oriented Species

Only 30% of the population are auditory learners, but a whopping 65% of us prefer visuals to drive a point home. To forgo infographics means to miss a considerable portion of potential clients. It’s no wonder infographics get three times the shares on social media than other forms of content!

We Have Short Attention Spans

Can you believe that the average human being’s attention span is around only 8 seconds—i.e., shorter than that of a goldfish? What if we also told you that infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a full-text article? Conclusion: infographics may be short, but they capture readers’ attention for more extended periods. Much longer than a measly 8 seconds, that’s for sure.

We Love Patterns and Trends

How young were you when you learned your ABCs? Or how to count by 1s, 2s, and 3s? Those are examples of pattern recognition, prevalent not just in human psychology but in data processing. In other words, a graphic designer can utilize our love of patterns and trends when presenting data by interspersing graphics with text at just the right ratio. 

Link Building is That Much Easier

Links are one of the top two most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. That being said, we can’t understate the importance of internal link building—i.e., linking to other parts of your site so that customers can dive deeper and learn more about your brand. You can link between separate infographics and send your customer down the proverbial rabbit hole.

In terms of quick and easy ways to boost SEO and gain clients, link building reigns supreme.

Infographics Boost UX

Let’s be blunt for a moment: your customers need a reason to care about your brand. Taking your content one step further, from your customers showing passive interest to actively engaging, boosts UX. And you know what turns passive web surfers into engaged ones? Infographics, of course.

A huge part of creating a positive user experience is optimizing your site for mobile. Thank goodness it’s easy to reduce infographic image file size and, from there, improve page load times for your mobile users.

SEO + Infographics = The Perfect Match

Digital marketers have struggled with seamlessly incorporating SEO into their content since digital marketing was even a thing. Because infographics zero in on specific topics, it’s easy to integrate niche keywords and phrases to reach an even more specific demographic. Just be sure that your content stays relevant and doesn’t sacrifice quality to hit all the keywords you need.

You Can Further Your Brand’s Aesthetic

Your brand’s aesthetic can be everything from your color palette to your logo to your writing style. Whatever those brand signifiers may be, we recommend you design your infographic to match. In a perfect world, a customer would have a good guess which brand made the infographic based on aesthetics alone. We know that’s a tall order, but hey, doing so boosts credibility and communicates your brand’s stance in the least-distracting way possible.

Great Content = More Clients

What do all of the above points have in common? They’re all about creating infographics, yes, but take that one step further. They’re about creating infographics with great content. And great content earns you clients.

Now, some of you may be thinking: I don’t know how to make an infographic! I don’t even have a graphic designer on my team! How am I going to develop great visual content and get the clients I deserve?

That’s precisely why we’re here. Maybe you need help with one or two aspects of infographic marketing; maybe you need help with all of it. Schedule a conversation today and tell us more about your visual marketing goals. We can’t wait to get started.