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How to Improve a Medical Website Now

By Snap Agency March 8, 2016

Creating a medical field-related website has its own intricacies that require experience with these types of websites. Although we seek partners that are the industry-specific expert—and we stick to our expertise of usability, traffic and conversion on the web—we know these tips can help you create more effective medical web design for your site.

How to improve your medical website now

1. Determine priorities for a main action on the site and the very clear next steps you want people to take on each page.

Because the business model for medical-related companies, hospitals and devices can be a bit more complex than an average B2C company, clarity is important when identifying the primary action the user should take next when building your site. If you have two demographics, parsing out which one is the most important is still crucial. This is proved by the old adage, “If you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing.” Each step should have a very obvious and single next step for the best possible conversion rate.


2. Create the copy before or simultaneously with design of the site.

Ideally, content is designed just like the visual elements of a site for maximum emotional appeal, for accuracy and to help move the visitor along to the next step while maintaining a positive impression with clear intent. Don’t make the mistake of only thinking about content after the design of the site is complete and the structure is unchangeable. Blocks of copy grow and shrink based on copywriters and the company’s or clinic’s needs—don’t risk content being totally different than the design and ending up with an unprofessional disconnect between the design and the length of the copy.


3. Create a clear hierarchy with headlines that allow a visitor to scan the content and understand what the medical device or service is for, and its key value propositions, without reading every word.

Not everyone wants to dig into the intricacies of your pump, valve, service or procedure. Sometimes they are just getting the basics—an overview—and want to move along. Although we strongly suggest more than 500 words for every service page, we also suggest making it easy to scan with obvious headlines, bolding key content when appropriate and fitting in bulleted lists.

Always keep sentences, paragraphs and key thoughts short. Counterintuitively if you want something to be emphasized, say it simply and move on. If you wax poetic, get technical (not in clearly delineated technical specifications). If you make large paragraphs without headings or lists, people may get exhausted or just intimidated and never read it.


4. Make sure your contact calls-to-action are clear and obvious and make sure you aren’t using a super complicated form.

Especially if this is how someone starts the process of working with you! Do you ask for every detail about someone when on a first date? Perhaps not. If you have requirements for new patients or customers, it’s best to get the basics about them first. The highest converting contact forms have very few fields. Remember, more information can always be gathered in the second touch.


5. Focus on high-revenue products or services, and make it clear to your agency or internal design team what is really making the most money.

An example for a medical device company may look like this: We make 70% of our revenue off of custom-designed products for vendors, and 30% off of prepackaged devices. By stating this during the website design, there is a clear priority about how to tell the story centered around the things that make you money—the lifeblood of the company that will sustain you and allow you to serve your patients or customers in the future.



Some examples of medical websites we’ve done at Snap:

Medical Web Design Minneapolis

We’ve created tools that help patients become familiar with their symptoms and that tell them how our client can help:

Medical Website - Body Diagram


In addition to tools and features that can help your marketing, ease of editability is very important whenever we create medical-related websites.

Easy to Update Medical Website

At Snap Agency we have done many medical-related websites and love medical clients. Send us a message now if we can help.